Yusei Matsui (Assassination Classroom) criticizes the fact that so many manga are inspired by Chainsaw Guy

Like every month, the Jump New World Manga Award gets supervised Weekly Shōnen Jump is about to give her award to a young novice mangaka. The award is very popular with creators, as it allows for publication in the magazine. The prize is awarded after other mangaka vote. Jiji Akutami, Yuki Tabata, and Kohei Horikoshi previously served as judges for this award. for this month, Yosei Matsui (Assassination of the Seasons, Dodger Samurai) was among the judges. However, the mangaka revealed that much of the manga was inspired by Saw Man.

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So many human dramas

While serving as a judge for the Jump New World Manga Award, Yusei Matsui criticized that a lot of manga have the same story as Chainsaw Man. According to Shonen Jump News – Unofficial, there are far too many “human drama entries”. Realizing that all of these stories were well written, the mangaka became bored with their growing number.

Faced with this situation, he advised young creators to “think carefully about self-production, how to stand out from the crowd, and how to improve their originality.” In a few words, he asks them to be more creative. It’s clear that Weekly Shōnen Jump is looking for new ideas and stories for its readers. Netizens backed up Matsui’s comments, citing Jump’s versatility as her strength, but also the fact that there is a “unique twist on top”. Even when we take inspiration from others.

The story of a teacher like no other

Yusei Matsui has been producing manga for a long time. He took his first steps as an assistant to Yoshio Sawai (Bopopo-bo-bobo). He then published his first manga, Neuro: Supernatural Detective, in Weekly Shōnen Jump. This ran between 2005 and 2009. But today, the mangaka is best known for Assassination Classroom. After biting off a portion of the moon, a mysterious octopus-like creature with a smiley face asks to become the teacher of Class 3-E, considered the desperate case class at Kunugigaoka High School.

Besides giving them regular lessons, Koro-sensei shows them the best ways to kill someone. Even crazier, he makes himself a target for his students. Whoever among them succeeds in reaching it will be the savior of humanity, but he will also receive the sum of 10 billion yen.

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