Yours for the cost of a pizza with Black Friday (6 euros)

L’Amazon Black Friday In full swing, and among the many products on offer, the Kingston USB Stick It is characterized not only by the large amount of internal memory but also by its very limited size and weight, thus ensuring maximum portability. 64 GB Lots of space for you to save many files or large content: At this price it’s almost impossible to find USB flash drives that offer this much storage space.

Opportunity to take advantage now, before the promotion ends: Complete your purchase on Amazon now Thanks a 35% discount is non-repeatable On Black Friday, the Kingston wand will be yours for a little more 6 euros.

64GB USB memory stick at an all-time low during Amazon Black Friday

The Kingston USB Pen Drive gives you all the space you need to store documents, photos, videos, music, and any other type of file. The USB 3.2 Gen 1 standard ensures fast speeds in both reading and writing. Portability at maximum levels, taking advantage of the large hole through which the device attaches to the key ring with great ease. Alternatively, you can store the flash drive in your briefcase, briefcase or briefcase: the USB connector will always be protected by a hard cover.


Follow your instincts before you run out of available units, e.g Take him home The new 64GB Kingston USB Card: Plus you pay minimum wage thanks to Amazon Black Friday, it’ll arrive in a few days and it’ll be your best buy.

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