Your future employers can scan your brain

Technology will bring about important changes in the world of work. However, it is not yet clear whether these will be of use to employees or employers. For example, we are talking about artificial intelligence that will replace managers, or about companies that want that scan the brains of their employees.

inner eyefor example, is an Israeli company that gives employees wearable headsets, which they say: “They combine machine learning with the innate power of the human mind, ultimately helping employees eliminate indecision and work faster than ever.

At the same time, Emotiv, a startup in San Francisco, claims it can Monitor employee well-being with wireless EEG headphones. “By connecting man and machine‘ the InnerEyes website states, ‘InnerEye combines the best of both worlds.

Dystopia or Utopia?

As reported by IEEE Spectrum, this is also a thriving market Employers are starting to invest in it. “The dystopian potential of this technology has not escaped usTan Le, CEO and co-founder of Emotiv, to the online magazine.Therefore, we very consciously select partners who want to adopt this technology in a responsible way: they must have a genuine desire to help and empower employees.

Obviously, for the time being, all workers can rely on it Such devices will not be used in the foreseeable futurebut “I think employers are very interested” said Karen Rommelfanger, who founded the Institute for Neuroethics.”I don’t know if there is much interest from the staff.

Do not be surprised by such a thing, because there are companies that want to advertise even in a dream.

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