Yamaha YH-5000SE, a $5,000 headphone that’s handcrafted in Japan

Now the Yamaha 5000 series is complete: after the pre + power pair, come the speakers and the headphone turntable for personal listening. there YH-5000SE The best of Yamaha’s industry-leading technologies combine to achieve a one-of-a-kind performance, on top of a new headset Completely handmade In the same Japanese Yamaha factory where the best pianos and the finest electronics are on display.

The most important detail of building a new headset is the use Vertical transducers , a Yamaha patent from 1976 first used in the HP1 model that revolutionized the headphone transducer concept at the time by using a thin diaphragm with a metal coil instead of the usual dynamic transducers. The diaphragm is very thin and light but supported by concentric ripples, resulting in greater speed and dynamics in musical reproduction. According to Yamaha, the sound reproduction is simultaneously processed in detail and in 3D, but is also capable of creating realistic dynamics. For this new speaker, the project was further improved by eliminating any annoying magnetic element and removing the center structure.

The extra-large wing completely wraps around the ear and is of the open type to eliminate any negative impact on the transducer. The contact area comes between the earmuff and the ears two different coatings, Both are available: one in sheepskin, the other in suede, and again according to Yamaha, offer two slightly different types of reproduction. The first delivers a clear, defined sound while the second is more suitable for extended listening with a warm, subtle sound. Plus thanks to the magnesium frame The weight of the speaker is 320 grams. This is one of the lightest in this category. To ensure a precise fit of the wing on the ear, a steel headband with a smooth adjustment mechanism and an angled swivel pin was used to ensure the best compromise between pressure on the ear and comfort.

Attention to every detail also extends to connecting cableand they are actually two, In the standard and balanced version; Both are made of silver-coated optical fibers and precision wound to prevent the signal from aligning in parallel and affecting audio performance. The set of accessories is complemented by an aluminum table stand. We almost forgot the list price, currently not officially confirmed, is around $5,000. The new headset will be available in early 2023.

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