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Philbeam S1 It is the latest home theater projector Xidusold at a very low price, 269.99 euros list price 169.99 euros Black Friday Deal on Amazon!, with excellent noteworthy properties. We were immediately intrigued by the technical paper in which the excellent brightness of ben stands out among all 550 ANSI lumenswith the job HDR10capable of reproducing a 40-inch screen with a maximum size of 300 in.

Without wasting any more time, I leave you the review of this projector that I use 3LCD technology, which is a state-of-the-art technology that we find in most home and office cinema projectors in this price range. I only expect in our tests that it has guaranteed excellent performance and quality comparable to that of slightly more expensive devices.


Below you will find the technical characteristics of Xidu Philbeam S1.

Dimensions 226 x 214 x 116 mm
Weight 3.47 lbs
CPUs MTK9255
prediction 40 – 300
the decision 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
supported resolution 4k
Connection HDMI, AV, USB 2.0, 3.5mm jack
WIFI Yes (802.11ac)
bluetooth Yes (5.0)
The operating system android
internal memory 4GB
Amplifiers Built-in 2 x 10 watt speakers
two colors 12000 Lumens – 550 ANSI Lumens
price list 269 ​​euros 169 euros Black Friday offer!

Ejection from the box

Inside the package we find:

  • Xidu Philbeam S1 projector
  • remote control
  • HDMI cable
  • 3 in 1 AV cable / jack
  • power cord
  • Multilingual instruction manual, in Italian

Design and build quality

The Xidu Philbeam S1 is definitely a compact projector, not to be confused with portable projectors that are just “toys”. It measures 22.5 x 21.4 x 11.5 cm and weighs 3.47 kg..

Available in two different colors, space gray and coyote brown (grey and brown), it has a thread on the bottom to be able to mount it on a tripod or something similar to easily adjust the height and over all angle the beam is projected.

The outer casing as well as the front and back are made of high quality plastic with a metallic finish. The lens is placed in front, while the focus can be adjusted using the ring on the side. Next to the logo we find one of the two infrared receivers, for commands given via the supplied remote control.

Xidu Philbeam S1 remote control

On the other side of the fake metal case, there are holes for expelling hot air.

At the back, there is a speaker on the left side, and at the bottom is the second IR receiver, which is much appreciated because it allows better coverage of the remote control at any angle, while next to it is the connector power supply (the power supply is internal).

Further to the right, there Two USB-A ports Useful for connecting an external storage device, and next to it is a file 3.5 mm headphone jacka AV-in jacks and the HDMI portWhich can be exploited with an HDMI cable inside the package. At the top of the case there are seven buttons of the same color as the projector case, but with rather cheap notes.

Projector: Technology

First, let’s talk about 3LCD technologya technology very suitable for showing movies (or games) in any area not configured to be a real movie theatre, which uses three LCD screens and an eight-layer coating to reduce reflections, anti-glare eye protection – blue light and 4K video support.

This technology makes it possible to obtain a very bright image, capable of showing sufficient detail even if the lighting conditions are less than ideal.

In this technique, a light source shines white light onto a group of mirrors Divided into its three primary colours (red, green and blue). Each LCD chip processes the received signal and creates an image, which through the use of a prism combines the three-color images to form a real image, consisting of millions of colors. Then the final image passes through the lens and is displayed on the screen.

3LCD technology

Xidu Philbeam S1 has a visual resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, but supports 4K video files.

Screen size Xidu Philbeam S1

This projector also allows you to reproduce a gigantic 300-inch screen at a distance of 8.5 metres. When you bring the projector closer to the wall, say at 4 meters you have a 150 inch projection image, while at 1.4 meters you get 40 inches.

First run the software

First you need to have two small batteries which are not included in the package to be inserted into the remote control. The first time you turn on the Xidu Philbeam S1 (press and hold the star button for 5 seconds until the projector starts), it needs initially Choose the language in order to get the interface in Italian.

Xidu Philbeam S1 language setting

Boot times are fast enough, about 10 seconds. The interface is intuitive and well designed, divided into six main sections in the center and a menu on the left side. The quality even with the lighting is really good especially compared to the cost of this projector.

Xidu Philbeam S1 is light on the front
With lighting in the room

With the light turned off, which is the ideal case, the quality increases exponentially, with convincing color and contrast, the image below speaks for itself.

Xidu Philbeam S1 light stop interface
With the lights off in the room

At first glance on the interface, you can notice ad support right away broadcast that allows you to run reflection from the screen on the iPhone or other Apple products, and then there too Miracast Which works similar to AirPlay, but works with Android devices.

Beyond that are the Video, Music, and Photo sections that require connection to a USB storage device, and the Office tab, which, by creating a QR code to be scanned, allows you to share and view documents using the projector.

The first option from the list on the left is the SoundBar which allows you to use your projector as a speaker. Other menu options are for connecting devices via Bluetooth, AV, and HDMI. In the upper right corner is a gear icon that you can click to open the Settings window.

Here you can edit a file WiFi settings, with the ability to connect to 2.4GHz or 5GHz networks (Note that one of the newer 802.11ac protocols is also supported), Settings bluetooth (In version 5.0) To add an accessory, change the language or date, or reset Xidu Philbeam S1 to factory settings.

Xidu Philbeam S1 modified trapezoid

There is also the ability to change the display image settings which allows you to change the way the projection is displayed (front, back and ceiling position), but you can also set Four points deviation distortionIt is useful when we do not have the possibility to place the projector completely against the wall.

performance with movies

What convinces when buying a similar product is undoubtedly the quality of content reproduction, whether static or dynamic. Let’s test the Xidu Philbeam S1 projector and see what it has to offer, whether it can be a real replacement for your TV or monitor.

clearly, To get the best result, you need to follow two tipsThe first, trivial but still worth mentioning, is to avoid an overly bright room, even if an acceptable picture can already be seen with normal indoor lighting.

The second, less important tip is to place the projector completely against the wall, and avoid working on keystone correction, because otherwise there will be a slight loss of detail at the edges of the projected image or video, which is an easy problem to encounter with still images

To test the monitor I used Prime Video plays it from a laptop via an HDMI cable, specifically the TV series The Boys. The distance between the projector and the wall is just over 4 meters, and the slanted projection diameter is just over 150 inches.

Xidu Philbeam S1 Quality

The native resolution of Xidu Philbeam S1 is 1920 x 1080 pixelswhich is indeed a very good result in this price range, but the advertised 4K really needs a bit of salt because the projector is only capable of reading 4K video, but not displaying it on the wall at full resolution.

Aside from these details, the video quality for this product’s price range is excellent, both in terms of the detailswhat about brightnessthanks to 550 ANSI Lumens (the standard set by the American National Standards Institute) that makes this projector brighter than most other entry-level devices in this price range

An 8-layer coated lens treatment helps reduce S Completely remove reflections and glare. There’s also a blue light filter to reduce eye strain, not that projectors have as much effect as a TV screen in this regard, but less is always more.

As for colours, they are reproduced in more than remarkable way, with whites lacking a bit of brilliance, with grays and blues toned down. The overall quality of the footage helps to fully immerse yourself in the viewing and fully enjoy this projector. You will hardly find a better projector in this price range.

sound quality

Regarding this aspect, the reproduced audio is more than enough to get a file Loud and clear sound with good basseven at maximum volume there is no distortion.

The 10W speakers are more than enough in most scenarios for quality and power, but the subwoofers can give an extra touch that never hurts. In this regard, I recommend the following amplifiers.

Conclusion and where to buy


It is useful to take advantage of the period allotted for the new Amazon Black Friday Where you can buy Xidu Philbeam S1 at a huge discount.

Let’s start right away by saying that if your budget does not exceed 250/300 euros, You’ll hardly find a better projector than the Xidu Philbeam S1. The best size to take advantage of this device is to place it about 5/6 foot away from the wall for a 200 inch screen. Beyond this size, the loss of detail makes 300-inch projected video less enjoyable.

Even the sound is on par with the quality of a sufficiently powerful and distortion-free primary monitor. This projector can also be an excellent purchase for those who love to playwith the only limitation of 60 Hz.

The only flaw with this projector that we discovered lies in the control switches at the top that bring back feedback from a budget product. Apart from that, we still find great features like WiFi connectivity (with 5GHz support), Miracast, and Airplay to ensure full connectivity.


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