Xiaomi IR Smart Speaker with Google Assistant costs only € 29!

The little speaker that we already got to know at the time of its home launch also made its debut in the Global version. Modern elegance and simple design are just the foremost strengths of the Xiaomi infrared control smart speaker And in this in-depth analysis, we will discover all the details about the features and the price, along with the best opportunities to save money, on a flash offer or with a discount code!

Update 11/23: The new minimalist IR smart speaker with Google Assistant, now on a flash demo from MediaWorld. Find all the details right at the end of the article.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control in Global Version: Small, Compact and Useful!

Design and features

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is universal

The Xiaomi IR smart speaker integrates a screen on the front side LEDs which shows us notifications and time, while audio outputs from1.5 internal speaker, located on four sides, ensures 360-degree sound propagation. Thanks to the infrared system – hence the name, Xiaomi infrared control smart speaker – Able to control and manage any device with a remote control.

weight 628 grams for 95 x 95 x 14 mm in size. It features two microphones and a call AC wifiAnd the Bluetooth 5.0 And the Chromecast built-in; There is also support a The Google assistant for voice control.

xiaomi smart speaker air control

You can pair two or more devices Infrared control smart speaker To recreate stereo sound or even connect several different zones within an apartment.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control: price and how to save money, on a flash offer or with a discount code

What is the current price of Xiaomi infrared control smart speaker What is the best savings opportunity? If you are interested in spending less, at this moment comes the most interesting number media world, with an unmissable flash show. Shipping costs € 4.9, but it is possible to choose a free set directly in the store.

Below you will find the link to the product page: If you don’t see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Shipping for €4.99 or free in-store pickup

More is less

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