Xiaomi and Leica have announced a new strategic partnership to improve cameras

For several years, smartphone manufacturers have been collaborating with the big names in audio or photography to increase the quality of sound and pictures. We have long seen the Zeiss brand on Nokia models or Hasselblad offering imaging modules for Motorola and then OnePlus 9. However, there is an ideal partner in this market that has found itself “orphaned” by macro-political problems, and that is the German specialist Leica. The latter has been Huawei’s preferred partner so far.

Today, however, the situation has changed. Leica has no more ties and today she announced one New strategic partnership with Xiaomi. The goal is to develop new frontiers for mobile photography. In other words, work together on the photographic and image processing module of the next top of the Xiaomi range.

Analyzing Xiaomi’s official press release, the aim of the partnership with Leica is to seek out this unique know-how that gives photos the “Leica look”. It’s not necessarily about completely rethinking smartphone photography, but rather about using Leica’s help in calibrating cameras to match image processing and colorimetry to what you’d expect from a Leica camera.

During this collaboration, from visual design to setting aesthetic orientations, the innovative technologies, product philosophies and imaging preferences of both sides have undergone an unprecedented profound collision and fusion.

We will be able to do this with the first smartphones born from this partnership Really find out if Leica is just about lending itself to its own brandor if the partnership is more realistic.

Appointment in July

This partnership will take shape for the first time with File “best pictures” which will be revealed in July 2022. Each Eyes on Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

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