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It’s that time of year: Google has released Android 13 and smartphones XiaomiAnd the redmi And the a little They have officially started updating. However, not all Xiaomi smartphone owners will be able to benefit from the innovations brought by the latest major update from Google. Like many other circulating smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi’s catalog also suffers from fragmentation that plagues the Android world quite often. Fortunately, Google’s mobile operating system offers some flexibility, and the modding community is taking advantage of that to create custom ROM It could bring Android 13 even to older models.

Last updated: November 2022

Here are the Xiaomi smartphones that can be updated thanks to custom ROMs with Android 13

Xiaomi Android 13

As you can see in this article, only a part of the Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones in the world will receive the Android 13 update. Especially if you have a model launched in 2019 or earlier, chances are high that the Android update will get stuck on a version before the 13th. . I am referring for example to the Xiaomi Mi 9 family, the Redmi Note 9 family or very famous but old models like the POCO F1 and the like. But since we are also talking about out-of-warranty devices, thanks to the modding world, it is possible to bypass this limit and act manually.

Be warned, though: since we’re talking about custom ROMs, you need to flash them Unlock the bootloader And I have one TWRP custom recovery to install them. Below you will find a list of Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones that have at least one custom ROM based on Android 13 available, with a related topic for download links, bugs and reviews.

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