Xiaomi 13 could arrive very soon: a hint from the boss of Redmi

With the announcement of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 It’s a matter of time before Lei Jun’s house announces its flagship. However, according to the latest rumours, it doesn’t seem to be waiting too long: the debut of Xiaomi 13 and 13 advantages it could happen in no time and giving the enthusiast the flea in the ear is none other than Lu Weibing, the mastermind of Redmi!

Are Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro already coming in November?

Xiaomi 14

The executive published a decidedly “cryptic” post on his official Weibo profile; We recognize that it is a very famous Chinese social network used by the main brands and leakers. The Redmi boss has seen fit to tease Xiaomi fans by revealing that during the month of November will come a mysterious top model.

Another important clue comes to us from the device used by Lu Weibing: usually they are Redmi smartphones, but in this case the word Xiaomi appears without specifying the model. In short, the manager could have foreseen the launch of Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro in November!

Xiaomi 13

It’s very close to the end of the month now, so the presentation is expected to take place right next week (by Wednesday 30th November). However, this is just a hypothesis based on Lu Weibing’s words, so we are awaiting official confirmation.

The boss of Redmi also refers to one or more mid-range smartphones. The Note 12 range was launched in October, so maybe we’ll get some new devices, maybe still from the same series. Lu Weibing is unlikely to talk about it redmi K60: These are the flagships of the Xiaomi rib and not the mid-range.


Usually, the debut of the Xiaomi and Redmi tops is scheduled for December; At this point it can be assumed that the start of the series Xiaomi 13 will happen on November while under Christmas we will have the release of the K60 family. Obviously, it’s good to take anything with a grain of salt, right down to a wall display of Lei Jun’s house!

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