Xiaomi 12T Pro, the “Future Archaeological” version arrives

That Xiaomi 12T Pro is the premium smartphone launched by Xiaomi in the second half of 2022. Equipped with the processor Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1She just received a special edition made in collaboration with the American artist Daniel Arham. Those who want to buy the device can do so from December, but they must hurry because it will only be available 2000 units.

Limited Edition Xiaomi 12T Pro

This new version includes what the company calls “an iconic collision of past, present and future designs in a contemporary artifact“. Born from aesthetics”archeology of the futureby Daniel Arham.

xiaomi explains that for the first time the artist is experimenting with creating the textures of his sculptural proposals of aging and natural erosion on a smartphone. The result is very interesting: this textures are proposed on the body of the smartphone, but also on the special box that comes with a charger “theme“. A smartphone wallpaper was also offered, which is obviously reminiscent of the rest of the design.

“I’m always interested in taking my work out of the typical context of the art world. I approached the Xiaomi 12T Pro as a sculpture with the purpose of a functional object”, explains Daniel Arsham.

L’New York artist closes with it “In 20 years, people who have this phone will no longer use it as a phone, but as a sculptural object tied to a specific point in time, taking it beyond its functionality.”

Yiyang LiuXiaomi’s Head of Co-Branding explains that “qHis collaboration is not just a smartphone, but a technology that updates the artist’s design. We believe it will be an exciting product for people today and will remain an interesting and collectible piece for decades to come.”

The Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition has the same specs as that Xiaomi 12T Pro. No doubt to remember the presence 200 MP main cameraplus an 8 MP ultra wide angle and 2 MP macro, as well as a respectable 20 MP front selfie camera.

Xiaomi 12T Pro has one AMOLED screen with 6.67-inch 1,220 × 2,712 pixel resolution, with a refresh rate of 120Hz. A large 5,000mAh battery also stands out, with the other highlight being the 120W charging that allows for a full charge in just 19 minutes.

Xiaomi 12T Pro “Archaeological Future”

As mentioned, this particular smartphone will be available in Europe in limited edition 2000 pieces. It will be officially launched on December 16th and will be available at the Mi Store and the Xiaomi x Daniel Arsham Store, which will open between December 16th and 17th in Berlin. Its price is 899 euros.

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