Xiaomi 12 and Redmi Note 11 Pro: a leak expects prices in Europe

We know Xiaomi’s habits. The Chinese brand likes to multiply announcements around the same product: first the presentation in China, then an announcement with the arrival in Europe and finally a final event for the arrival in Italy. New information at every step.

The Xiaomi 12 series has been presented in China and we are now awaiting the announcement of the European version for Tuesday 15 March. Meanwhile, a leaker anticipates the price list on the web.

From 650 to 1200 euros

It’s not the first time prices have been mentioned Xiaomi series 12. This time it’s the SnoopyTech Twitter account claiming the prices for Europe.

We’ll get to know each other first Xiaomi 12X between 649 and 699 euros, but despite that name it would have little in common with the rest of the Xiaomi 12 range. At a higher price we would find Xiaomi 12 at 849 or 899 euros depending on storage space. Finally, Xiaomi 12 Pro should far exceed the threshold of 1000 euros with a price of 1099 euros for 128 GB to 1199 euros for 256 GB.

Finally, the Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5G would be offered in Europe from 459 euros. It would complement a rich selection of models.

Appointment on March 15 to discover the new range of Xiaomi in Europe.

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