World Cup at first without Italy. Which national team and why would you support in Qatar?

The World Cup in Qatar is like the Sanremo Festival. On the eve of this, a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčcontroversy, promises not to be seen, and indignant statements of human and social rights swallowed up the competition in Qatar. And then, as soon as the ball starts rolling in the eight stadiums built among the skyscrapers and sand dunes of Qatar, the passion for football will begin. Just like Sanremo songs.

A long TV marathon awaits fans from all over the world with four matches a day in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar. 32 formations on the starting line are committed to pursuing the dream of glory and victory that will carry them into the history of the sport. Obstacle course, Qatar World Cup, where every detail can make the difference (read more).

For the second consecutive edition, Italy remains in its home country. As in Russia, Italy will not respond to the appeal in Qatar either. A real national disaster that deprives new generations of the emotions generated by the World Cup. The four-year pageant sequence marked the lives of all the fans: the first time we wake up in the night, first love, the final audition, the birth of a baby. The World Cup has always been in everyone’s life and in the great national history.

Football is certainly beautiful regardless, but with a bit of fan passion, it’s even more fun especially if it becomes a collective ritual as in the case of the Blues’ great victories. And to make the World Cup in Qatar more exciting, many fans “adopt” the heart formation to cheer on the lack of a start.

What criteria will inspire this selection of the 32 World Cup champions in Qatar? Speaking of typhus, we cannot establish scientific and even emotional criteria but no less reliable and truthful. The choice of support team can be determined by the presence of a World football player Who do you like like Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, you can Choose to support a national team in which your favorite team player plays Roma with Dybala. In the case of Napoli, the genetic bond with Diego Armando Maradona leads them to embrace Argentina’s destiny. But the reasons can be very out of the ordinary. memory A fun holiday in Copacabana attracts hordes of fans in Brazil. Or you may decide to support one “loose cannon” , an underdog who achieves great results as Croatia in Russia. The color of the bright shirts of the African squads is also crucial.

Personally, I would support Argentina, for Maradona and Osvaldo Soriano, and France because I admire the country and its culture across the Alps. Heartbeat also for South Korea with Samurai Kim.

Whatever the reason to cheer you up, the important thing is the encouragement to follow the Qatar World Cup with more fun while you wait to be able to relive the magical Italian nights again.

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