With Android 13, Google wants to make geolocation more accurate than ever

Developer Preview 1 for Android 13 was unveiled a few days ago, and many new features are expected for the next version of Google’s mobile operating system. In addition to implementing new privacy controls, a new photo selection API, and new settings tiles, we’re learning this Android 13 will keep a special place for Bluetooth and ultra broadband (or UWB, technology to enable very precise localization).

XDA Developers reports that these two technologies will be integrated as modules “Mainline” In the next version of Android. This is not a trivial feature as it should allow Google to roll out future features related to Bluetooth and UWB more efficiently… without having to pass on (often delayed) updates from its partners (Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Vivo, Sony, Nokia…) .

Project Mainline, first introduced on Android in 2019, allows Google to manage some components of the framework and the system apps themselves. As mentioned, this initiative specifically allows Google to offer new features and security updates for these components and/or applications, without waiting for manufacturers to distribute their software updates.

Thus, the time and efficiency saved by this method are important, as Mainline modules can be updated via Google Play Services and Google Play Store.

We can also imagine that Google will further democratize UWB technology to allow very precise localization of a smartphone or some accessory.

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