“With a serious look on her face, she’s smiling.” What’s wrong with Totti in court?

It is unclear how the process of repurposing designer handbags and Rolex watches will end. The doors of Rome’s civil court remained closed during the third trial. Francesco Totti and illary brush They were questioned by Judge Francesco Frettoni. After leaving court, the two former Roman spouses and their respective lawyers remained sealed, but the attitudes of the parties appeared to be very different and how the case would end. became clear. Conflict marriage.

Totti “no comment”

Francesco Totti, who came in and out, both had serious faces. It’s been going on for months and I’m nervous because of the circumstances going on in parallel with the divorce settlement, but I can’t find it.About the possibility of reclaiming the collection Rolex There was uncertainty and the judge postponed the proceedings to the next hearing. The only thing to think about is that the outcome of the dispute may not entirely satisfy the former Roma captain.humor Black when you leave the classroom.But in reality, his demeanor may be related not only to anti-money laundering reports, but to sensitive personal moments he’s allegedly experiencing. rumor Bocchi Naomi They are persistently between denial and new indiscretion (she apparently no longer follows him on social networks), that the two are going through their first really difficult moment since the beginning of their relationship. There are people ready to bet on.

Illary and her lawyer are smiling

Ilary Blasi appeared in a completely different mood. Already at the entrance to the court, the famous Island presenter was calm and smiling as he joked with lawyer Simeone in a car crowded with photographers and journalists. After the hearing, Illary quickly disappeared. Calm hinted that things might look better for her. “No comments, we are in the hands of the judgesAlessandro Simeone replied to Correspondent Lai, joking about his sensations over the controversial outcome. dinner Raw fish base. Despite her divorce and the bad times she went through last year, Brazi now seems to be experiencing a golden moment, and even Bastian Muller, a German entrepreneur she met a few months ago, I have a lot of achievements, and I feel love for him.

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