With a Philips epilator that you use in the shower (55%)

Say goodbye to unwanted hair thanks to the Philips 8000 Wet and Dry epilator, perfect to take with you even on vacation.

Don’t wait any longer and buy it from Amazon, because with the current offer you only pay for it 49.99 euros with Huge savings of up to 55% of the total price due to Black Friday.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you will be able to receive it at home with free and fast shipping throughout Italy.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with this amazing Philips epilator

With its unique ergonomic design for a firm grip, the Philips 8000 Series Wet and Dry epilator guarantees you up to 4 weeks of smooth skin without worrying about those pesky hairs embarrassing you or bothering you. It will be able to remove even the shortest hairs without breaking them, in order to slow their re-growth and give you a break. Completely smooth skin in a short time.

Philips Epilator (1)

This model allows you to use it wirelessly comfortably thanks to a40 minutes of autonomyIt only takes two hours to charge. The purchase includes several heads to improve work on different points of the body as well as an exceptional exfoliation glove.

Philips Epilator (1)

Thanks to its size and condition, you can also pack it for it Always carry it with you And always be on top for any occasion.

Do not miss this offer and buy the Philips 8000 Series Wet and Dry epilator at the amazing price of 49.99 € with the current offer on Amazon thanks to the Black Friday offers that you will find until November 28.

With Prime you can also choose free and fast shipping throughout Italy, activating it before completing the purchase.

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