Winter, Snow and Frost: The ‘Cold War’ Divides Ukraine

there The war in Ukraine It will be increasingly affected by an external, uncontrollable variable: the cold Stinging brought by General Winter as a dowry. The first snow of the season has fallen in Kyiv, and from now until the coming weeks, this weather phenomenon will affect military operations and civilian life. there Russia He knows that winter can be a precious ally. It is no coincidence that Moscow is concentrating its bombing on it Ukrainian power grid.

winter factor

Bombing the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is a Russian disabling tactic supplies of energy for the Ukrainians” While “The attacks that took place over the weekend amounted to a genocidal campaign to deprive citizens of electricity and away Freezes Ukrainians to dieAdviser to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Yuri SackWords were not slurred when explaining the situation to the program today From BBC Radio 4.

Since the Russians are not getting anything on the battlefield, they are desperately looking for a way to have what they call an operational pause. But there will be no interruption from usThe senior official in Kyiv is not the only one concerned, Sack concludedWorld Health OrganizationFor example, he warned that the coming winter could “threaten the lives” of millions of Ukrainians.

cold War

In one of its recent reports, theBritish intelligence He explained that the winter will bring about a sharp change in the conditions of the conflict between them Less offensive, more fixed defensive lines and increased risk of weapon malfunction. As if that weren’t enough, reduce the hours daylightchanging temperature And time will present unique challenges to the soldiers who fight.

As temperatures drop, it is very likely that forces will be lacking Clothes And the Residence Because the winter weather suffers damage due to the coldBritish Ministry of Defence.Increased rainfall, wind speed, and snowfall will present further challenges to the already low morale of the Russian forcesThen he added.

new stage

The The New York Times He wrote that the Biden administration is speculating that Russian military operations in Ukraine will remain stalled until next year. Indeed, recent Ukrainian developments would have upset Moscow’s hopes of occupying larger portions of territory in the southern and eastern quadrants. Nevertheless, the Kremlin could continue to attack Ukrainian forces, bases, the power grid, and infrastructure, although overall a winter should slow military advances on both sides.

With a forced break due to weather conditions, you will enter the war in a nutshell in one new stage. Russia is likely to step up its attacks on the infrastructure to terrorize Ukrainians. For its part, Kyiv could fuel a covert campaign designed to prove it can fight even on Russian soil. Meanwhile, night falls over a cold-ridden Ukraine. Where, in many parts of the country, the lack of electricity and the possibility of heating began.

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