WindTre links the monthly rate of new contracts to inflation: this is how it works

WindTre is like TIM, faster than TIM, which before adapting the contractual rules had expressed its intention to link tariff prices towards inflation, which was later confirmed by CEO Pietro Labiola. Silently, however, WindTre (yesterday) intervened on the individual tariff pages for fixed and mobile networks, clearly stating that new contracts would be inflation-indexed, and even changing the general terms of the contract. In short, it’s all done, there’s no turning back.

With increases we will start in 2024, the item has now been included – and this is what TIM would also like to do – as a matter of timing. To make adjustments for inflation more realistic, the mechanism states that tariffs can be raised in January by the value of the increase in consumer prices measured by ISTAT in October of the previous year. And therefore, in January 2024 (Possible, but highly likely) Increases they will be restricted in percentageInflation measured in October 2023.

Details about the ISTAT condition: prices up but not down

There are a few clarifications to be made, most of which benefit WindTre:

  • The mechanism relates to each of me Landline and mobile contracts
  • The Prices will only go up because of inflation, Do not decrease (Assuming, consumer prices are unlikely to fall in 2023)
  • The increase in the monthly magazines will be in a percentage rate equal to the increase in inflation And in any case by at least 5%
  • The adjusted monthly amount can be rounded to the nearest cent (eg a €0.229 increase could actually be €0.22)
  • The price adjustment is applied during the first quarter of each year
  • An augmentation does not constitute a contractual change, so, unlike paraphrases, The customer is not allowed to withdraw without costs
  • WindTre reserves the right to no To raise prices.

The company has already reported price adjustment for inflation on every plan on the site in the section useful information Increase the volume WindTre rememberwhich means that If you switch to WindTre today, you’ll get a monthly inflation-linked contract. TIM hasn’t been very quick but they will implement the same measure by the end of the year, and we’ll see if it’s just with adjusting for inflation and not deflation like WindTre.

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