WindTre, Inflation Clause Reaches Customers! But you can retire

Finally the adjustment of tariffs to inflation has also reached existing customers. WindTre is moving swiftly on the subject and, after adjusting the contract for the new subscriptions a few days ago, has now decided to reformulate some (or all?) of the old contracts by inserting the inflation clause. and That’s not the only modification from January 13, 2023: that’s all.


The amended article, which again from January 2024 is in danger of a spike for customers with the most expensive tariff plans, it is clause 4 of the General Contract Conditions. WindTre writes: “The General Conditions of Contract are modified with the introduction of the following additional clause to Article 4.6 «Price Adjustment» for customers who have activated an offer until November 20, 2022 (in contracts signed after the clause introducing the monthly adjustment to the inflation already was there, ed).

The passage is indicated in the WindTre Informa section of the portal, where it is indicated that interested customers will receive one SMS communication starting November 24, 2022. The fear is that “interested customers” may they all be. In January 2024, WindTre adjusts the monthly percentage increase corresponding to the inflation rate measured in October 2023. and so on for years to come.

Good thing prices will go up by 5%, since – as WindTre has decided – each lower percentage results in an increase of at least 5%. This means that a customer with a 50-euro tariff from January 2024 will pay at least 2.5 euros more in the event of inflation. and However, if the Istat index shows +0.1% in consumer prices in October 2024, the operator has the option to apply +5% to tariffs under the contract from January 2025. That’s why “Stitch”.

Here is a summary of things you should know about the inflation adjustment clause

  • inflation-related increases possible from 2024
  • the Prices will only go up because of inflation, don’t lose weight (provided consumer prices are unlikely to fall in 2023; after all, in this scenario economists would speak of deflation)
  • The increase in monthly expenses is by a percentage equal to the increase in inflation and in any event by at least 5%.
  • the adjusted monthly amount can be rounded down to the nearest cent (e.g. an increase of 0.229 euros could actually be 0.22 euros)
  • the price adjustment is made within the first quarter of each year
  • for existing customers it is therefore a contract change, the revocation takes place without costs (info below)
  • WindTre reserves the Right to Not increase Prices.


Some plans are subject to reconfiguration for a monthly increase of 2 euros from renewals after January 13, 2023. In this case, too, interested customers will be informed of the contract change by SMS: the first have already left (we have already been informed of the tax for an all-in). WindTre tries to sweeten the pill offers at the same time an increase of the GIGA provided by the plans involved, ranging from at least 30 GB more to unlimited GB at the maximum speed available.

For some customers who pay by credit card or bank account the monthly fee is anticipated. At full operation, the costs of the offer are always charged on the first day of the respective month. For some offers, the cost applied to traffic varies once the traffic included in your offer is exhausted. Finally:

  • the annual cost of the offer Smart security drops to EUR 34.90: Adjustment for renewals after January 15, 2023
  • due to a change in economic conditions applied by foreign operators who offers discounted fares for International calls from Italy to Nigeria will have a cost increase from 5 to 10 cents per minute.

Windtre continuously invests in improving its top quality network with the aim of offering customers an ever more reliable and faster connection. Because of this and due to market needs, some offers will be modified as follows – this will open the range for increases starting January 13th.


As required by law, the customer who does not want to accept the remodulation has to do so right of withdrawal from WindTre services or from switch to another provider without penalties or deactivation costs within 60 days of notice. How to pay out:

  • You must send a message with the reason for the withdrawal “Change of contract conditions” through one of the following channels:
    • Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address Wind Tre SpA – Withdrawal Service – CD MILAN ADDRESS BAGGIO PO Box 159 20152 MILAN MI;
    • certified email to [email protected];
    • Call 159;
    • at WindTre points of sale;
    • via the digital Will assistant in the customer area and in the WindTre app
  • If there was an offer on another line that was combined with the mobile one, in case of deactivation of the latter all possible benefits will be lost;
  • if a contract for the hire purchase of a currently valid product (smartphone, tablet, etc.) in the notice of withdrawal (before the withdrawal and before switching to another operator) is connected on the line, it can be decided whether, at the express request, the remaining installments also to pay in one solution or alternatively to keep the installments active until natural expiration.

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