Windows 10 22H2 ready for large-scale deployment

Windows 10 22H2 is ready for large-scale deployment: Microsoft has confirmed this in recent days by updating its dashboard on the “health” of each major update to its latest operating systems. According to official terminology, this means that the update will be offered to “a larger number of devices running Windows 10 20H2 and newer” via Windows Update. Note that the update will not be installed automatically, it requires user consent; Furthermore, as happened in the last previous versions, it basically behaves like a monthly cumulative patch, therefore the installation times are very reduced (and the functional differences are minimal).

Windows 10 22H2 was announced by Microsoft last month, and… We don’t know exactly what’s new: the company just said it’s included a “limited set of productivity innovations”. Based on the changelogs of the builds released to Insiders over the summer, we can provide a quick summary:

  • Ability to receive important notifications even when focus mode is active
  • Resolves an issue with losing internet connection when the laptop wakes up from sleep and is connected to certain docking station models
  • Improved OS upgrade experience
  • Fixed video playback issue in some DirectX 12 games
  • Fixed an audio playback issue in some games that use the XAudio API
  • Fixed an issue with the height of the search box when using multi-monitor setups with different resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where some troubleshooting tools would not open.

It is worth mentioning that Windows 10 is now in “maintenance mode“Let’s put it this way: Microsoft’s main efforts are understandably aimed at Windows 11. The operating system will be supported for a few more years, both with the monthly Patch Tuesdays and with the semi-annual “Feature Updates” (albeit extremely meager so far), both with all other types of more or less urgent updates. We remind you that each feature update will be officially supported for 18 months from the release date: for example, the 20H2 version will not receive any updates since May 2022, while the 21H1 is now being phased out – December 2022 will be its last patch day.

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