Will Tulsa King 2 be there? Sylvester Stallone talks about the future of the TV series

Tulsa King 2 it will be? Despite the excellent response after only two episodes, Sylvester Stallone Not sure about coming back for a possible round of new episodes.

Released on November 13, the new Paramount+ series follows a star rocky As a mob boss, after serving 25 years in prison, he is sent to the most unlikely place – Tulsa, Oklahoma – to build an entirely new criminal enterprise from the ground up. Created by Taylor Sheridan (Creator Yellowstone) and with Terrence Winter (the sopranosAs the showrunner, Tulsa King definitely has a bright future ahead of him. However, it’s unclear if her leading man, Stallone, is committed to her long-term.

During a recent interview with Variety, the American actor expressed Some doubt a possible return Tulsa King 2which has not been officially renewed by Paramount+.

with Tulsa KingStallone is starring in a TV series for the first time and was surprised at the time A television project requires comparison to the movie industry. Because of this, he said he’s not sure he wants to commit to more seasons:

“It’s more than hard work. I can’t believe some people did that for four, five, or six seasons. It’s brutal compared to the cinema,” she said. Male Stallone.

“I will never say ‘that’s a hard shoot’ for a feature film again. Making a movie is a vacation compared to this! It really is…” And then They joked about the possibility of spinning Tulsa King in his home: “I can? Mona to Palm Beach? It would be nice. I told my wife about it. If she comes with the kids to the place to visit, maybe.”

Seriously back, however, he concluded that acting in Tulsa King “It’s an important decision.” which should be contemplated.

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