Will the shell be titanium?

If we now assume that the iPhone 15 will include USB-C ports, although they may be different between the Smooth and Pro models, a new report today dwells on Materials that the Cupertino giant should use.

Twitter user ShrimpApplePro claims that i The back edges of the iPhone 15 will be rounded Creates a new effect similar to what was done with the bottom edges of the latest 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. If this report is confirmed, it would be a significant change since the iPhone 14 currently uses a flat design with squared edges similar to the iPhone 4, while Apple ditched curved edges with the iPhone 11.

The same leak also states that the Cupertino giant can Use a titanium body on the iPhone 15but It will still have a back glass..

This is not the first time that a titanium iPhone has been talked about, and some rumors last year suggested that this material could be used on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but in the end this was not the case and all models have an aluminum and stainless steel body. .

It is clear that we are still in the embryonic stages, and at the moment it seems difficult to understand whether the rumors correspond to reality or not.

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