Will the iPhone 15 Pro have a curved titanium body? (Common)

the new iPhone 15 It could have an all-titanium frame with curved edges; To say he is a well known guide with a post posted on Twitter.

According to what we have read from the rumors that have just been leaked on the web, we are discovering that the new generation of iPhone can boast completely renewed aesthetics. It is true that the device’s debut is still a year away, but reports regarding this issue are becoming more and more numerous. Today we will talk about the aesthetics of the professional version of the 2023 squad.

iPhone 15 Pro: focus on its aesthetics

Web insiders think about what appears on the net shrimp With a post on Twitter. The leaker claimed that the Cupertino OEM is planning to make small fundamental changes to the design of the iPhone 15 series. According to what we’ve read, the Pro model should have a square frame but with rounded back corners. We’ll never have a rounded aesthetic like the iPhone 11 again, but we should remember the aesthetics of the iPhone 5C, so to speak. The speed change must be done for a very specific reason: to increase the grip of the device with one hand.

Obviously, we all know that the various Pro and Pro Max phones are very powerful smartphones, but they are always criticized for exaggerated dimensions. According to an old rumor, a titanium chassis is also expected. This material should allow the company to make phones lighter.

The Ultra version is expected to be the first without ports of any kind; We will find only wireless charging and MagSafe technology, however, there will be no SIM slot for international models (not only for US models, however). Obviously, these are just rumors and should be taken as such, with a “pinch of salt.” Keep in touch for more information on this.

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