Will Redmi K60 have a completely new style? Yes, according to the concept render

After the debut of the new models dedicated to the Xiaomi middle range, the launch of the next top of the range under the Redmi brand is now eagerly awaited. The presentation is expected by the end of the year, there is no shortage of leaks and inaccuracies, but for now it is a design Redmi K60 phone And the K60 Positives remains a mystery. What could the flagship look like in the future?

Redmi K60 in concept rendering: this is how the new top could be!

Redmi K60 Concept Render
K60 (concept presentation)

The answer to this question comes from Weibo, a well-known Chinese social network (and a veritable hotbed of leaks and previews). An insider posted a summary of the expected specs for the series redmi K60, all accompanied by a design visualization image. Obviously a file Concept Makesso it should be taken as a simple “interpretation” of the author.

redmi k50 pro phone

Will the Redmi K60 and K60 Pro look really be like this? number, but the leaker may have based his concept on “stolen” information. However, as usual, we invite you to take these front/back photos as simple concepts, waiting to learn more.

redmi k40

However we can do an inversion: String Design K50 Sharply separated from the scale K40, with notable differences aesthetically. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that We will once again have a completely new styleperhaps by returning to the “rectangular” camera.

All that remains is to wait for official details from Xiaomi, or reliable leak photos. Meanwhile, to know more about the Redmi K60, here is our site deepening In the domain and on the version of the games.

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