Will it be at CES with Raptor Lake?

It’s now official: as per tradition, NVIDIA will be attending CES 2023 and most likely we’ll see some good additions, including new additions to the RTX 40 Series desktop lineup and the Mobility Series that are eager to hit the market.

The Green Team, with its new game proposals, will be among the most anticipated during the Las Vegas event.
To talk about possible innovations that will be introduced in CES 2023 I was WCCF Techwith its sources (blatant and direct reference to Jensen Huang) that would have produced official documentation from the manufacturer.

There is talk of a mobility lineup consisting of 4050, 4060, 4070, 4080 and 4080T As a spearhead, though at other points we’re talking about the RTX 4090. These cards will improve performance between 15 and 45% over their Ampere architecture counterparts, as shown in the slide below.

The greatest leap of generations will be represented RTX 4070 over RTX 3070but also the alleged 4080 Ti should show a good step forward.

Also very interesting Referred to as Intel Raptor Lake-Hthe second generation of Intel processors with a hybrid architecture expected for the same period.
The appointment should be set on January 3, 2023 at 6 pm Italian time, while the first solutions will be launched on the market in February of the same year.

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