“Will it be another lie?”. And followers chastise Mama desperately

Julia Elly She’s a blogger again and shares her everyday life between work and family with her more than 600,000 followers. For her, the period of explanations ended with the publication of the Instagram post a few days ago, in which she explained that the past, the reasons that led her to lie, the how and why are treated appropriately on the social networks forums and on the internet she would only be a desperate mother. And so it was.

That post published in the last few hours confirms it. Julia shared some moments of her business trip to Milan and some details of her day and the dinner that awaited her on her return. A return to normality, which on the one hand was appreciated and praised by her fans, but on the other hand has also put her back in the center of criticism: “This woman died, I don’t know why”, “Is it true that you prepared it or is it another lie?”, “Anyway, it’s one thing to leave it out, another to twist stories “. Many of her followers don’t forgive her for never answering the questions question words – rightfully – about the affair that landed her in the eye of the storm two weeks ago. There is no trace of the apology video shared a few days after Paone’s revelations, nor even of the live broadcast made days ago, and everyone is still awaiting replies.

Negative comments deleted

Then, to fuel the controversy, the implication is attached to it Comments Negatives mysteriously disappearing under his posts. Many users complain that they don’t see their own comments and others accuse them of even voluntarily deleting them, creating a decidedly tense situation: “How strange how many completely harmless comments were deleted by the elusive algorithm. Whereby the algorithm is obviously the finger of our desperate”, “My comments were too darkened and they were anything but offensive.” And at this point Julia, responding to many of her critics, lost her temper: “You think you’re insulting me instead you just make me feel bad, you’re four cats with 100 fake accounts each and you’re always the same but I hope you give your life some meaning and stop bugging me a little bit pursue.”“.

Lucarelli’s Jab

Likewise Wild Lucarelli, who, like us, had interviewed Julia Elle’s ex-boyfriend, Paolo Paone, in the last few days (and, like us, had asked for an interview with her but then declined), wanted to comment on the blogger’s active return to Instagram. The journalist drew attention to the Lie that’s what Mama desperately told over time. “I see he has resumed his old habit of always telling the truth.” Lucarelli sarcastically commented, underscoring Julia Elle’s response to a follower who claimed she no longer sees her comments under the post. “Uncomfortable comments will be deleted. Even the negative ones”, another user replied, while Julia spoke of the imaginary automatisms of the social platform: “Instagram has an automatic mechanism to prevent this cyber bullyingwhich disguise messages from fake accounts or offer spam, unfortunately not all“. While still waiting for the publication of the interview that Desperately Mom is said to have published, in which she will explain her truth about the story she sees as the protagonist.

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