whose iPhone? Perhaps the Galaxy S23s will also have satellite connectivity

We know how samsung Be especially careful upload Blow for blow against competitors, at least as far as number of jobs From their devices, this could not fail to include satellite connection.

the mood SOS satellite emergency (here’s how it works), which allows you to ask for help even when there are no files cellular communication (not yet available in Italy), is in fact one of the Features More interesting than the new iPhone 14 and only for Chinese usersAlso from the new Huawei Mate 50 Pro.

Now who Korea The news comes that Seoul has been working on it for several years technology And it can happen, given the highly competitive situation in the market Speed ​​up time and present it in the next Galaxy S23.

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To spread anticipation is always watchful ice world On Twitter, who reports an article with a signature Park Ji Sung on the Korean site News.

The article, today only, is the first news of the site and its title “Samsung, the next generation of Galaxy phones, will be equipped with the Iridium satellite communications system.“.

The author explains that who Two years Samsung Evolution satellite technology With Iridium, Inc It provides voice and data communication services in space using 66 low-orbit communications satellites (LEO).

This procedure is similar to the procedure apple, Who pumped millions of dollars into the partnership with international star Based on Huawei, which instead relied on satellite network Chinese Baidu.

Samsung’s goal is Data transfer How Text message And the Pictures Hundreds of kbps is low capacity, but it hit the i physical boundaries An RF antenna, which must be quite large to allow high-speed voice and data communications.

The biggest challenge actually is Reduce the size affiliatesatellite antenna It is enough to put it in one smart phones.

Apple decided to limit the communication to SMS only, but according to the article, Samsung has already completed a large part of the process, as it has managed to integrate the communication modem Existing furniture and modem satellite communications To process numeric data (although we don’t know if these relate only to text messages).

At this point, all attention is directed to the new Galaxy S23which continues to emerge on the basis of progress launch day. In Korea, though, the ruling on satellite communication Somewhat useless Given the size of the area, they are convinced that the new Samsung tops will receive this feature. The Korean giant, when asked about the matter, succinctly declined to comment.We do not disclose any product development information in advance“.

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