Who will receive bonuses of 150 and 550 euros in December

The Bonus 150 euros It is a one-time payment to fight inflation, which now prevails in Italy and the world in general, and price hikes. The new government of Giorgia Meloni has yet to officially confirm the measures, which will hit the pockets of some Italians this December. There will also be room for a bonus of 550 euros, which we remember was given by the Draghi government last July.

Regarding the first facility, which is less than 150 euros, it was offered to citizens who had already received a 200-euro bonus, but with Income of less than 20 thousand euros per year. Support will arrive automatically, so much so that many of the 22 million users expected to get it already in November (retirees, domestic workers, basic income recipients, and some self-employed who got support along with €200, in one euphoria). On the other hand, other users will receive a bonus of 150 in December: INPS and some professional funds organize the exchange, which will respect the chronological order of sending the application. Regarding me employeesThe subsidy will be collected in December by those who will receive the previous month’s salary. Likewise, a bonus of 150 euros will reach the users who get the The unemploymentThe Self-employed without VATI co.co.co.I PhD students that they Research colleaguesthose Leisure Workers Pension Fund (FPLS) membersThe seasonalAnd the indefinitely and intermittently.

We also talk about Bonus 550 eurosare reserved only for those who have had it in the past year Part-time vertical rotating contract (From a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 20 weeks in general). The easing is not for those who had other employment relationships as taxpayers in 2021, nor for taxpayers receiving pension or Naspi checks. Intermittent and seasonal workers registered with the Leisure Workers Pension Fund (FPLS) whose income in the last year did not exceed €20,000 under the periodic part-time contract can receive both contributions.

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