Who is Alessandro Michele, the designer who relaunched the Gucci brand

One Barber It should be too creativeand if the design is also a revolutionary Every brand that will be lucky enough to welcome it will be a winner. That’s what it is Alexander Michaela prominent figure in the house of Gucci, has contributed in recent years to the relaunch of the brand thanks to his intuition, passion and ambitions.

Who is Alessandro Michele?

Born in Rome on November 25, 1972, Alessandro Michele studied at the capital’s Fashion and Fashion Academy and grew up with a technical father from Italy and a mother with a background in cinema. Progress and art, then, are in his veins.

In 1994, Alessandro, at only 22 years old, left for Bologna and began his experiment with the Les Copains fashion house. From that moment on, the road is more and more smooth: he creates his first book and gets noticed Fendias he was called upon in the late 1990s to work alongside Karl Lagerfeld Which contributes to its stylistic and cultural formation. His skills were enriched and so, in 2002, he called Tom Fordcreative director of Gucci.

Over the years, Alessandro Michele has found his definition of fashion: “beauty juice”a principle he would apply in all his choices.

Gucci: From Creative Director to Farewell

It’s still just the beginning. Contacted by Ford, Alessandro Michele worked in the fashion house’s London design office until 2011, when he became assistant director alongside the new creative director. Frida Giannini.

In 2015 the new CEO of Gucci Michael Bizzari He proposes to Michelle Creative director. Michelle will surprise everyone with the first fashion show of the women’s collection where she will show all her creations, with special emphasis on sexlessa novelty that will give the brand a new direction.

Gucci’s revenues have tripled and profits quadrupled, and for the brand it’s a period of great shine until 2020, when turnover within the company will be needed due to declining sales. And so, on November 23, 2022, Alessandro Michele decided to leave his favorite ship with a poignant message:

“There are times when paths separate because of the different views each of us may have. Today an extraordinary journey ends for mewhich has continued for more than twenty years, within a company to which I have tirelessly devoted my love and creative passion.”

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