Which MacBook should I buy? Air, Pro, M1, M2, Students, Graphics

Want to buy a MacBook but don’t know which model to buy? Here are the recommendations on which to buy a MacBook between M1, M2, Air, Pro and all other models

Which MacBook should I buy? Here are the tips

Excellent new article for readers YourLifeUpdatedespecially for those who want to buy a new laptop appleBut they don’t know Which one to buy among the many models on the market.

If you are also going to spend your money to buy macbookbut you can’t figure out which model is right for you, don’t worry.

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In this article we will see what are the models macbook in trade and Which one should you buy according to your needs.

Not only that: thanks to my advice you will be able to Buy your new MacBook at the lowest price eversaving you a lot of money!

That said, I would say don’t get lost in small talk and go see right away What are the best Macbooks to buy today!

In a matter of minutes, you will be able to figure out which one is which macbook They are on sale today, which one is right for you and where to buy it at the lowest price offered. a promise.

Important hypothesis 1

Completely avoid all MacBooks with Intel processors. Today they are machines Outdated. It makes no sense to buy them, not even to use or renew them, even if the prices are very attractive.

Nowadays It’s not worth buying a MacBook with Intel.

important hypothesis 2

If you buy these models on the Apple site you spend more, but it’s the only way to allocate RAM and internal memory that, remember, It cannot be exchanged or changed after sale.

Therefore, if you need to increase the RAM and internal memory, go directly to the Apple website. If not, continue reading the guide.

Which MacBook should I buy? Air, Pro, M1, M2, Students, Graphics, Action

After these places, here are my tips for The MacBook you’re buying today.

MacBook Air M1 8 / 256GB

A great classic, but really Nice.

Fanless machine, including rotation. Outdated design, but still cute and fun. Excellent presentation. Thanks to the silicon M1 has infinite autonomy.

She is two years old now, but she is still super strong and very strong. The M1 chip is really charming.

Basically it costs 1299 euros, however It is often found around 900 euros.

Recommended to everyone But especially for those who don’t have a huge budget. Of great satisfaction, it works very well, and has an enviable quality / price ratio.

Perfect for those who do not have high expectations: students and professionals for business purposes. It’s also capable of making a difference in content creation, despite not having the ultimate power.

MacBook Air M2 8 / 256GB

It starts at 1,599 euros, but is generally found online About 1150-1200 euros for the basic version.

Generally, Unless it’s on the premium show, it’s best to wait. It doesn’t offer a huge jump in performance compared to the MacBook M1. Moreover, the SSD unit in the base version is slower than the M1 unit and the chip heats up more.

It has no fans, it has a very nice, updated design, it’s very thin and light, the screen has reduced bezels and the webcam is improved compared to the M1.

What has been said above applies to the users I recommend.

MacBook Pro M2 8 / 256GB

It is found at the price of 1699 euros on the Apple website.

It is important to note this M2 is not more powerful than M1 Pro.

I sincerely recommend Avoid this form. It costs a lotIt doesn’t offer more than the old Pro M1, it really doesn’t make sense for anyone to buy this device.

MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro 16 / 512GB

Basically it costs 2349 euros, but online About 1800 euros: It is definitely more powerful than the Air M2 / M1, has a better dissipation system, and contains Show Great many doors.

It allows you to do many things with one Top quality!

It’s a great laptop with a beautiful display, a completely revised design, plenty of available ports, and truly top-notch performance for even the most demanding professionals (creators, music producers, managers, developers, researchers, designers, professors, and the most demanding level students).

This is the template I use as wellBut I have installed 16GB of RAM to be able to edit videos freely.

MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro 16 / 512GB

It starts at 2,849 euros.

Quite powerful, especially the version with the M1 Max, which is only intended for The most demanding professionals.

All that has already been said applies to the MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro 16 / 512GB.

MacBook Pro 16 M1 Max 32GB / 1TB

It starts at 3,949 euros.

Issuance Intensesuitable for those who want to maximize GPU performance, artificial intelligence, development, and 3D creations.

personally, however, For those who use 3D a lot, I think a Windows notebook is better.

What MacBook will I buy today?

MacBook Air M1 For those who want to spend a little, MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro For those who want top performance.

These are the only two models macbook Which I personally feel like recommending today: they are undoubtedly the best in terms of quality / price ratio.

Is it better to buy a MacBook today or wait?

Better buy it today. Especially with discounts Black Friday.

New MacBook models will arrive in 2023, however They will cost more. Especially when new models are introduced. The price of old devices already on the market will also go up a lot.

practically, If you want a MacBook, buy it today!

Where to buy MacBooks at the lowest price ever?

I usually buy my own tech devices First going through these price comparison sites, which always manage to find the best deal to me:

I advise you to try both, then you will be able to find a file Best price for your macbook!

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