Which Honor smartphones will receive Android 13

also honor He carries Android 13 On its smartphones, together with the new graphical interface MagiOS 7.0, which also represents a change in name compared to the past: the current one, in fact, is called MagicUI 6.2. As we’ve already seen for phones from other Android manufacturers, Honor won’t update all models to the latest version of the green robot OS, nor will it update them all together. So here are the changes with the update, and which phones will get it.

MagicOS 7.0 based on Android 13

From the first items presented by the brand on its site, we feel the Mainly aesthetic update. The application icons have been reworked, the animation has been improved and the main font has been changed.

But the Chinese giant also brings some innovations in terms of functionality. The first takes a name magic rings It allows all brand devices (computers, phones and tablets) to work in harmony with each other by sharing screen, keyboard and mouse.

as it comes Smart Life Magic Engine, Which, through the YOYO voice assistant, displays the boxes at the top of the screen where current needs are displayed, such as, for example, your boarding pass on the day you board the plane. However, we will see if this functionality also arrives in Europe.

with OS Turbo XHonor promises a performance gain with its new interface. The company reports an average 29% reduction in application startup time. Most importantly, thatindependence can grow Twenty or thirty minutes Thanks for the better optimization.

Finally, under the term MagicGuard Glory SecurityHonor combines various privacy and security features, including the ability to fight fraud, but without adding more details.

Which honors will you get in Android 13?

Honor also participated form list They will Android 13 and related calendar. We remind you that the latter is aimed at the Chinese market and that there may be some changes compared to the European market. However, this already allows us to get an idea of ​​who will update first.

December 2022

  • Honor Magic V
  • Honor Magic 3 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic 3 Pro
  • Honor Magic 3
  • Honor V40

January 2023

  • Honor Magic 4 Supreme Edition
  • Honor Magic 4 Pro
  • Honor Magic 4

February 2023

  • Honor 70 Pro +
  • Honor 70 Pro
  • Honor 70

March 2023

  • Honor 60 Pro
  • Honor 60
  • Honor 50 Pro
  • Honor 50

April 2023

May 2023

  • Honor V40 Light Luxury Edition
  • Honor X40
  • Honor X30

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