When and why did the white flag begin as a sign of surrender?

Since time immemorial, we have used specific symbols to convey messages to others and the “white flag” is just one of them. At no other moment and conflict in history has this image been assumed meaning of “surrender”? Even Stockholm uses the white flag to surrender, V.I paper house.

Ancient historians, both Eastern and Roman, noted the use of white flags to signal surrender. In the Asian part of the landmass, it was generally believed that the figurative meaning of the object emerged In the Han Dynasty (25-220 AD), but other sources deny these origins.

Indeed, in a famous text published in AD 109, le stories By Tacitus, the white flag is mentioned to indicate surrender, in context of the events of the siege of Cremonaduring AD 69, known as General Four emperors from Rome. In fact, at that time, the Romans surrendered by raising a shield above their heads, for the most part.

The most plausible explanation is this tradition Develop differently and independently in the east and west.

As for the subtle color choice, perhaps it was just a matter of old-world comfort. Synthetic colors were still centuries away, so were white fabrics Certainly more common and practicalas they stood out better against natural backgrounds in which conflict occurred.

The peace-making symbolism of the white flag is now enshrined in the Geneva Convention, although it is rarely mentioned in national flag symbols. Italy is probably the only country Its flag guidelines specifically refer to the white flag as an indication that the fighting force wants to request surrender talks or negotiations.

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