WhatsApp: Going forward, we’ll pay to have all our conversations backed up

Smartphone enthusiasts love them Differences between iOS and Android. There is one that not everyone always thinks about: backing up your WhatsApp messages.

On the iOS front, this is coming through iClouda paid service from a certain amount of storage space, while WhatsApp on Android takes full advantage of the free storage space of Google Drive.

end of contract

According to the website WABetaInfo, which specializes in the messaging application, this unlimited storage space could come to an end. Indeed it is Result of an agreement between Google and WhatsApp. And several elements seem to indicate that the Mountain View company wants to put a stop to this. This wouldn’t be very surprising considering that Google already no longer has unlimited storage for its Google Photos service.

While digging up the APK of a future WhatsApp app update, WABetaInfo came across a very interesting line of code. This contains a sentence that will later appear in the app. We can read that users may soon see a notification when storage is almost full and may be offered to sign up for an offer for more storage.

So, like today with Google Photos, we would have a quota of free storage space, then a paid offer to be able to save more conversations.

Remember that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world with almost two billion active users.

The specialized site had already noted that a future update would allow users to choose which messages to save or not. Now we have an idea why the WhatsApp teams wanted to allow voting…

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