What will the OnePlus 11 look like?

OnePlus 11, at the head of the 2023 group of BBK Electronics Group, started to make people talk. The Chinese brand, which is currently betting on the cheaper Nord range, with its new flagship should attract the attention of those who are always looking for maximum technology Provide exaggerated specifications and, most importantly, a ceramic shell.

OnePlus 11 will be made of ceramic

there Ceramic As for the body, it is certainly not very common on smartphones: heavy, expensive, and certainly not one of the manufacturers’ favorite materials. However, ceramics certainly also has many qualities: it makes a lot resistance The products they are used in, as well Pleasant to handle And above all it gives them an amazing look elegance.

The OnePlus 11 It wouldn’t be the first smartphone with a body of this type. We remember her Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultraa real design piece, but also OnePlus X. The company can then play the card.”eleganceEven with the new OnePlus 11, even if it means sacrificing some lightness.

OnePlus 11: what will it be like?

In addition to the ceramic casing, rumors speak of a high-level technical data sheet: the phone should arrive brand new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 With 16GB of RAM, it’s enough to satisfy those who don’t want to compromise with it performance.

There is also talk about one Monitor The OLED FHD+ is slightly curved on the sides and always has a hole in the upper left to hide 32 MP selfie camera. This screen should offer resolution A 2KB (1440p) And it has a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

As for the photography sector, it was partnered with Hasselblad It will also be confirmed for the OnePlus 11, which will have a main sensor from 50 megapixels (Sony IMX890), ultra wide angle from 48 megapixels (Sony IMX581) and a telephoto lens from 32 megapixels.

The number of watts is not indicated 5000 mAh battery From OnePlus 11 it can be charged wirelessly: most likely at 50W which becomes 100 using a normal charger with cable.

The new flagship will certainly come with it on board Android 13 And the new interface related to Oxygen OS 13.

Is OnePlus also preparing an 11 Pro model?

Finally, it must be emphasized that we are talking OnePlus 11 and not who OnePlus 11 Pro. Like last year, the brand could decide to launch only one model, which in this case would not be signed with the formula Pro, unlike the OnePlus 10 Pro which, on the contrary, was not available in the standard version.

However, some leaks talk about a model OnePlus 11 Pro Which will come with 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage. Fast charging can be added to this 150W SuperVOOC, It has already been seen on the OnePlus 10T model. Further improvement could also include the photographic sector with its powerful sensor integration Sony IMX989 1 inch in size.

OnePlus 11: how much will it cost?

OnePlus 11 And possibly OnePlus 11 Pro, expected globally in the next version fountain. Some speculate the $900 Pro model will drop to $800 for the standard version.

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