What is important and why is it so important for a smart home

After several delays, version 1.0 of the standard was completed a few weeks ago not shiny. The next step was to launch an official event done by Communication Standards Alliance (CSA). Article expectations are high: the new standard should finally solve the current confusion arising from being on the market Lots of technical parameters For smart home, almost everyone supports it Most of the related companies From the sector: From Apple and Google, via Samsung, Amazon, Ikea and Philips, as well as other small manufacturers of home automation devices.

What matters and what it does for a smart home

The new Matter standard is a significant step forward in simplifying the use of various devices in the smart home. It relies on a combination of different radio standards for communication within a smart home.

behind bluetooth And the WIFIThe lion’s share goes to the network protocol mesh threads. However, the latter is particularly problematic, as not all existing devices have the necessary hardware.

This also explains why some manufacturers are now already advertising full support for Matter via a simple file system updatewhile others will provide bridging solutions while waiting for future generations to be brought in hardware.

Unlike existing Amazon or Google systems, communication happens with Matter locally. So it is no longer necessary to loop through the cloud. It should enable interoperability in the future, for example, to manage devices on the network Apple Homekit via Nest Hubor to use Amazon Echo to control only Google Assistant compatible devices.

Matter, in fact, also unites device configuration Home devices and, in fact, simplifies it because if the devices are already configured, Matter can import the parameters.

in Version 1.0it is limited to a few product categories such as lampsAnd the keys or thermostats. However, the CSA also used the event to announce how things are going: Next up, camerasAnd the robot vacuum cleaner and miscellaneous tentacles, eg for air quality or smoke detectors, will be in compliance with the material standard. However, it is not yet clear when this will happen.

The First Matter smart home products

The first devices with the Material Protocol are about to arrive. Let’s start with those of Google, which announced a few weeks ago that in practice all its devices from the series Live It should be compatible with Matter later this year, though to varying degrees depending on the hardware installed.

very soon android smartphones It should be compatible with Matter, thanks to the path chosen for updating Google Play Services. Basically all current devices.

also Amazon Follows in the footsteps of Google and will make it compatible 30 models Between Echo and Eero, for about 100 million devices. It is expected that updates for the first 17 models will be released by the end of the year, which will also result in a new configuration process for the corresponding devices, which will initially be available in conjunction with the Android application. Later, in 2023, the new configuration will be introduced through an iOS app update.

The Amazon devices that will receive the updates as early as December include existing models in the smart speaker lineup sound echosuch as the third and fourth generation Echo and the new Echo Dots and Echo offerings.

companies like samsungAnd the Ikea And the Phillips They also promise updates to support Matter, at least for those devices where that is possible. Because we should not forget that not all devices have the necessary hardware to directly support Matter. This is especially true of peripherals such as light bulbs or locks, but you can still use it with these devices interlocutor suitable Bridging solution to integrate them into an important network.

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