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The goal is to turn “Black Friday” into a “Green Friday” to adopt zero waste gestures during this symbolic Friday.

Participants in Green Friday try to consume “zero waste” during this day. This Green Friday is the third challenge of the GoodPlanet Challenges campaign. It remains relevant, because if Belgium is a good European sorting student, with 89.8% of packaging sorted and recycled, our country is, on the contrary, a consumer of large amounts of waste. After all, in our country we produce 16,500 tons of household waste every day, and this figure has been steadily rising for 20 years.

The 500 participating schools have fine-tuned their program for this day, including the exclusive use of water bottles and lunchboxes for all, creation of a self-managed repair café by the students, collection of toys, clothing exchange, clean walk dealing with litter, compost workshop, etc.

In Tournai, the Haute École en Hainaut organizes on Friday a press point dedicated to exchange and shipping. First-year pedagogy students, trained by GoodPlanet, will give workshops on Zero Waste to primary school students. The Intercommunal Environmental Management in Wallonia, Picardy and Southern Hainaut (IPALLE) will also be present for a workshop on compost.

The aldermen for the environment and education of the Cité aux Cinq Clochers are taking part in the initiative by visiting the students.

“I am convinced that by bringing the public together, we can change attitudes and habits as quickly as possible,” assures Caroline Mitri, alderman for the Tournai Environment.

Afterwards, the alderman will participate in a round table organized by GoodPlanet, together with Jean-François Letulle, alderman for Education of Tournai, and the department store Croquez Local. The debate with the students will focus on the issues and mechanisms of the ecological transition within the school world and public services.

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