We wonder what the politician is waiting for.

An operator of the North Brussels Police – working in plain clothes – wanted to intervene on Monday evening, just before 9 pm, to arrest two people who were attacking a couple in the Gare du Nord. But the suspects, who probably knew his quality as a police officer, would have recognized him immediately. Not one, not two, one of them had pulled out his blade and ran in the policeman’s direction. Which would have run “to save his skin”, confirmed police sources, and also has the possibility / time to give a heads up to call for reinforcement.

consequences ? The suspects were arrested while armed with a knife. He will be a minor of Algerian origin and residing illegally. “Two weeks after the knife attack that claimed the life of Thomas Monjoy, a colleague of his has already become the victim of a new attempted murder. We wonder what the politician is waiting for to act, ”a police source comments. A spokesman for the North Brussels police could not confirm this information at the time of this writing. More information to come.

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