we tried the new foldable smartphone, our impressions

After announcing the release in China of Magic Vs, Honor invited us to Paris to take control of its foldable smartphone that is expected here in 2023.

Announced yesterday at a major event in China, the Magic Vs will be Honor’s first foldable smartphone to launch internationally. It is the successor to the Magic V, which was inaugurated last winter but was restricted to its territory of origin, from which it derives a number of characteristics. We go around the owner.

A very thin foldable smartphone

The Honor Magic Vs is a foldable smartphone that falls into the same category as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Huawei Mate Xs. That is to say, a fairly slim smartphone that unfolds to reveal a large screen surface. In this case, we’re going in here for a 6.56″ and 7.9″ front panel. A more generous size than the latest Samsung model (6.2″ and 7.6″).

However, we were immediately impressed by the finesse and almost modest weight of the Magic Vs, already the lightest in its category at 261 grams! It is even lighter than the Oppo Find N, but much less imposing.

The Magic Vs is among the thinnest in its class.©Pierre Crochart / L’Éclaireur Fnac

What’s less impressive, however, is the hinge of the Honor Magic Vs. Indeed, our expectations were raised by the statements of George Zhao, CEO of Honor, when he declared on stage that the folding of the Magic Vs screen was almost invisible. In fact, we are not there at all, and it remains very pronounced. As far as we are concerned, that is also more than on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, especially because it seems wider.

Honor magic versus hands-on
Facing the screen, the fold knows how to be forgotten.©Pierre Crochart / L’Éclaireur Fnac

A comment that does not minimize the work of the brand’s engineers, who managed to develop a hinge with only four elements, where the Magic V had 92. In addition, no screws were used. By reducing the number of removable elements in the mechanism, Honor actually reduces the chance of malfunctions. Smart.

Honor magic versus hands-on
However, on the side…© Pierre Crochart / L’Éclaireur Fnac

Everything or nothing

But this also has a consequence that we had not foreseen: the Honor Magic V can only open completely or completely close. Impossible to use it folded at 90° like the Galaxy Z Fold, thus taking advantage of a possible “Flex mode” that automatically splits the screen. In reality, as soon as you start to open the smartphone, you feel that the hinge “pushes” to fully unfold.

Is this priceless for all that? Not necessary. It’s just a matter of arbitration about the use we want to make of a foldable smartphone. Still, this lack of flexibility for a product marketed “for professionals” can raise questions. But it’s also what allows the Magic Vs to close completely flat; without leaving space between the two parts of the screen as in Samsung mobile phones.

Honor magic versus hands-on
No “flex” mode to put the smartphone at 90°. It must be open or closed.©Pierre Crochart / L’Éclaireur Fnac

Honor Magic Vs: Our first impressions

We will of course have to wait a little longer before we can experience the smartphone in its technical promises. We’ve only spent a few minutes with him and we’ve already noticed some points that should be carefully considered during a full test.

The price in this case will be a determining factor to correctly place the smartphone on the chessboard. Even if a priori the competition from Samsung still has very little investment in the European market, it is difficult to imagine Honor marketing its Magic Vs below the bar of 1,500 € in France. A difference of “only” € 299 with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which has the experience gained during previous generations, a better software update policy or even an IP68 certification that improves durability.

Honor magic versus hands-on
The Honor Magic V does not lack charm.©Pierre Crochart / L’Éclaireur Fnac

However, the Magic Vs is an interesting product, especially in its aesthetic proposition. For those who like finesse, Honor’s mobile phone is worth a look. Especially since the colors revealed by the manufacturer are attractive.

Still very young since becoming independent from Huawei, Honor presents a bold product. Maybe too daring? The future will tell. Still, the time may have been ill-chosen for the young shoot to plan on the comet, at a time when the smartphone market is unraveling and households need to prioritize their spending on categories of purchases that are more essential on a daily basis. .

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