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On Thursday afternoon, the local authorities of Pepinster, in the presence of the Walloon Minister of Local Administration and Housing, Christophe Collignon, proceeded with the inauguration of two 150 m2 modular houses for families affected by the floods of the summer of 2021. These two structures were supplied by the company Etex, which offers lightweight construction solutions.

Made in 2 weeks

“After the floods, our employees were shocked and we immediately wanted to help,” says Bernard Delvaux, boss of the company Etex. “We have offered five houses, three in Rochefort that were inaugurated a few months ago and two here in Pepinster. These homes are modular, i.e. factory-manufactured in two weeks, with walls, framing, exterior and interior joinery, electrical equipment, plumbing, etc. then brought to the site where they are assembled in two days.

Site visit. – Belga screenshot

The advantages of this type of house are many, the company emphasized: among others, exceptional acoustic and thermal comfort, reduction of waste during construction, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions given the few deliveries on site. .

“It is a real concrete and tangible help. This responds to a real need of the population,” said Mayor Philippe Godin, who recalled that the inhabitants of his municipality are still facing housing problems a year and a half after the floods.

The house is not finished.
The house is not finished. – Belga screenshot

The mayor also thanked the Walloon Region for “its continued support. The Walloon government has never let us down. Every request made was followed by actions. We are now waiting for an answer to secure the edges of the Vesdre,” he added.

“Reconstruction is not finished yet, but we are on the right track,” Minister Collignon noted. “The challenge of affordable housing is great. New solutions are needed”, referring to the realization of this project. “The private sector can also contribute to a noble social goal. »

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