“We are willing to do anything.” Conte calls the square in order to defend the income

After the progress that was reported in the major national newspapers, the text of the 2023 budget law reaches the Council of Ministers. The maneuver is worth 30-32 billion euros, of which 21 will be fully allocated to fighting the energy crisis. Work on defining the package of measures and on reviewing them is well underway basic income It seems that the government has found a combination. Stop the RDC for those who can be hired, but not immediately. According to what has been leaked in the past few hours, the government will leave a “reserve year”, which will be used to find a job for all workers deemed able to work.

The words of the M5S leader

Meanwhile, the first reactions of opposition began to arrive. Joseph ConteThe 5-star leader and head of the government that gave birth to the basic income, attacks the position of the executive that determines “retroactive”.

“A government that aims to dismantle the basic income is a government that has lost touch with the reality of the economic and social difficulties that the country is suffering from. It is a government in the grip of a Ideological outrage. He’s not conservative, he’s reactionary. Thus, former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte expressed himself on the sidelines of the conference Website building ideas. Building a more just society in Palazzo Giustiniani.

The leader of the Pentastellato promises an all-out battle to defend his party’s flag and issues a warning to the government Georgia Meloniwhich will meet in a few hours to check a script Budget law. “We, and I say this with the utmost firmness, are ready to do anything to defend the citizen’s income, which is a social protection system that should have been introduced decades ago. We are ready to fight the battle in all institutions, institutions and arenas, if the government goes ahead with this unworthy intention of dismantling citizen’s income. “this is – added Conte – It doesn’t sound like a threat, but I say it firmly.”

The leader, having immediately attacked the Meloni government, does not miss the opportunity to criticize the Democratic Party, without naming it, and determines the basic income. “The most left-wing maneuver launched in the last 30 years.” The facts tell us – Then he remembers the leader of the M5S – Perhaps the most revolutionary perspective was achieved in Conti 1.

In recent days, the former prime minister has always been on the front line in defense of the grillino check and its recipients. When word comes of a possible income review, talk about it “The social and economic abyss of workers and poor families”. Giorgia Meloni seems to be going straight. With the change in the citizen’s income, the Prime Minister intends to give a strong signal to break with the Draghi government and to abandon, once and for all, the grillino patronage.

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