Volkswagen, electric cars are booming: Reached 500

Volkswagen is certainly one of the leading producers in the electric panorama. The importance of the German factory is also shown by the numbers: Since the launch of the ID.3 — its first electric model launched in 2019 — to date, the company has surpassed 500,000 electric vehicle deliveries. This was reported by Volkswagen itself, with a note on its official website.

This achievement comes more than a year ahead of the schedule set by the German manufacturer, and endorses the excellent public reception of the electrified Volkswagen range. Just think of the fact that electric vehicle shipments in 2022 grew 25% compared to 2021, which in turn they grew 138% compared to 2020.

By 2024, Tesla will lose its leadership in the electric field. According to Bloomberg, Volkswagen is already in the fast lane

To make these numbers even more interesting is the fact that Volkswagen has not yet been able to match production and demand for electric vehicles. In the memo released by the company, Chief Executive Officer Imelda Lappi stated that “We are doing our best to deliver approximately 135,000 ID models, already purchased by our customers, as quickly as possible. However, due to ongoing difficulties with the supply of components, we have repeatedly found ourselves having to slow down production.“.

Regarding future plans, Volkswagen will launch ten new electric models by 2026. Once again Imelda Lappi who declared that “Volkswagen will have the largest range of electric vehicles in the auto industry: from the entry-level electric vehicle with a target price of less than 25,000 euros to the new identifier Aero flagship, so that you have the right offer in every segment“.

Volkswagen, production of electric models is not keeping pace: sold out in 2022

The goal, which has been mentioned many times, is to become an exclusively electric brand by 2033. The roadmap projects that electricity will account for 70% of sales in Europe and 50% of sales in the US and China by 2030.. Ambitious goals, but achievable sooner than expected.

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