Vodafone Unstoppable Cup: The Fortnite tournament comes to Milan Games Week

After experimenting with Lucca Comics and Games, Vodafone is preparing to return to Milan Games Week with the new tournament Vodafone Unstoppable Cup.

Then we go back to fighting in Fortnite to be able to bring home a very rich Victory Royale on the occasion November 26 final. Once again, the gaming experience will be interactive and engaging and will be amplified thanks to the quality, strength and reliability of Vodafone’s network, which guarantees advanced performance, without limits or interruptions, all supported byPG Esports organization And in the presence of prominent names such as Asmaa Pow3r and Xiudercombined to give life to a heart-pounding competition.

Vodafone Unstoppable Cup: It starts with the final stage

With qualifying now behind us – We remind you that Xiuder directly commented on the selections that took place last weekend – so we are approaching the real finale that will see 100 finalists He was chosen to participate in Match on November 26th. On this occasion the participants will have the opportunity to compete in the tournament which will be Shown on the big screens in the PG Arena of Milan Games Week, in front of a crowd of about 2,500 spectators, without being physically present.

As with the other stages, the rules don’t change during the final, so the finalists will have to challenge each other in a single-player no-build mode to try and score the coveted Victory Royale. The platform is particularly desirable, such as The first seed will receive a prize of 500 euros, the second 300 euros and the third 200 euros.

All final moments will be commented live by event wheelsAnd the Pow3r and Xiuderwho will be physically present at the exhibition and will also take part in other initiatives that we will tell you about below.

The Unstoppable Challenge returns home

Vodafone and Team Unite are creating a Fortnite map called Unstoppable housewhich introduces a game mode that has a strong focus on a theme cooperation. Presented on the occasion of Lucca Comics and Games, Unstoppable Habitat will be present at Milan Games Week on November 26 – That is, on the day of the tournament final, but you can Try it Even from home Entering the code 9223-7844-5924 in Fortnite – , when this exclusive mode can also be played with two wheels Pow3r and Xiuder; Some players selected from the audience They will then be able to participate in matches that will also be broadcast on their Twitch channels.

Home of the Unstoppable is a map based on a design inspired by medieval Luccawhich is also present Modern and technical elements. One of these represents him Vodafone charging stations And it is precisely the latter that plays a central role in the map experience. Players are divided into two teamsone consisting of 6 survivors Who have the task of repairing and protecting charging stations. The other team will make this task more difficult 2 players, hunterswho would instead attempt to sabotage the survivors’ collective work.

During the day of November 26th, there will be several stations dotted around the PG Arena where this will be possible Try Game Mode designed by Vodafonewhich largely refers to the experience of uneven team play where the ratios between attackers and defenders are not equal to each other.

Invincible Cup: Event Partners

there Vodafone Unstoppable Cup It is the result of the collaboration of various partners who have brought their best skills to the realization of the event. clearly Vodafone bet big on its networkable to guarantee Best gaming performance From the category of thanks a A little cuminwhich is an essential aspect of any competitive online title.

It is certainly among the other major partners PG Esportswhich not only dealt with all Logistics stages of online selections and morebut also supervised the preparation PG Square Held in Milano Games Week, the real stage where the top 100 participants compete to win the title of Unstoppable Vodafone Cup Champion. The next appointment is on November 26 in the week of the Milan Games To see who will succeed in climbing the steps of the coveted podium.

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