Vodafone relies on the circular economy for smartphones and derivatives

Vodafone and WWF announce one three-year partnership which will help achieve the operator’s goals to reach net-zero by 2040 by reducing carbon emissions and eliminating e-waste Promotion of the circular economy for smartphones and derivatives. The program inaugurates the agreement between the English operator and the NGO that protects the environment A million phones for the planet.

The initiative was born for Increasing the number of trade-ins, refurbished and recycled devices, thereby promoting the circular economy, which we obviously need more and more. From November 23, 2022 the Vodafone Group will donate £1 for each phone raised in this way for WWF conservation projects around the world. The partnership between Vodafone and WWF is underscored by initiatives such as an app guiding Vodafone customers to make more sustainable choices, and projects in South Africa, Germany and the UK that use mobile technology to address environmental and sustainability challenges.

More precisely together with A million phones for the planet Vodafone inaugurates new beginning characterized by four key points:

  • trade-inthat’s the dear old exchange that Vodafone wants to offer, with reviews “competitive”, via a new digital platform
  • The devices received in exchange and coming from other partnerships will make it possible to increase the number obsolete of high quality offered at competitive prices to offer to customers
  • In order to extend the lifespan of existing products, Vodafone implements a service suite complete and convenient for European customers, including Insurance, support and repairs
  • Devices that are not consumable for resale will come recycled “responsible” or reused for social or charitable purposes.

Vodafone is committed to achieving net-zero emissions across the value chain by 2040, but is working to reduce CO2 emissions by 350 million tonnes by 2030. Another goal is Reuse, resell or recycle 100% of the waste generated by its network.

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