VLC 3.0.18: RISC-V support arrived

The team of VLC extensionthe famous open source multiplatform multimedia player, has announced to its community of users and enthusiasts the release of a new project upgrade. VLC 3.0.18 comes after eight months of development from the previous version or VLC 3.0.17 and implements a number of really interesting innovations such as hardware architecture support RISC-V, it is specifically an open standard containing a set of instructions based on the principles known as RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer). In essence, VLC can now run natively on this platform and on operating systems capable of running on RISC-V processors.

Another important innovation in VLC 3.0.18 concerns the support of the standard DVBSub, inside MKV (Matroska) files, this feature essentially allows you to add a set of subtitles to this video format. DVB is a methodology for generating high-resolution, scalable subtitles based on bitmap images on a variety of different platforms. It is therefore a really important addition for VLC users who can now enjoy a really better subtitling of the content.

In VLC 3.0.18 we find improvements in searches within MP4 and OGG files and in playback with FLAC files. Compatibility with SMBv1 and SMBv2 file sharing protocols and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has also been improved.

In addition, in this build we find several bug fixes and security patches that fix some bugs found in the last few months. Also fixed crashes that occurred with DxVA/D3D11 libraries when playing HEVC format files. The developers have fixed the color regression issues on iOS using the VAAPI API and the resizing bugs using OpenGL in the GLX/EGL/X11/XV environment.

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