Violent Night, David Harbor Tells Us About His Commando Santa Claus!

While waiting to find him in Thunderbolts and the fifth season of Stranger Things, David harbour invites you to the cinema in December with Violent Night. In this black and crazy action comedy, the actor takes on the role of a Santa Claus like no other.

Violent Night With David Harbor – YouTube Credits

Indeed, David Harbor epitomizes a grumpy, cynical Santa Claus who doesn’t hesitate to give naughty people a good beating. In violent night, David Harbor’s Santa Claus confronts terrifying mercenaries who have taken a family hostage on Christmas Eve. It will erupt!

David Harbor tells us everything

The trailer of violent night sets the tone for what lies ahead in the film: we can see David Harbor’s Santa Claus will dish out a lot of beatings. The evil mercenaries will have a very bad Christmas Eve, they will face an unexpected opponent, whose strange powers promise playful and totally WTF battle scenes.

David harbour insists, however, that his Santa Claus is not just a “killer”. Rather, the actor presents him as a kind of anti-hero. He also worked hard to “humanize” the character. David Harbor spoke about it during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter (via Screen Rant).

“We all sit down and tell our kids that a fat, stout, happy man in a red suit comes down the chimney, eats cookies, and gives you a present, but who is this man? How did he get into your house? Where is he’s actually doing? So on the surface, of course, I’m starting with the same old, “He’s not allowed to stab people with a candy cane. It’s absurd.” But then when you really start digging into the marrow and core of who that person was, it all makes sense.”

When Sinterklaas blows off steam

In violent night, David Harbor plays a Santa Claus who has become cynical and disillusioned over time. You can clearly see that the character is bored with his job, tired of traveling the world and handing out presents. And what could be better than a little fight to find the fishery?

Get ready, because Santa Claus is about to let off steam in Violent Night. David harbour and the character lands in American darkrooms on December 2.

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