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Who has a relationship with the video, by profession or as a hobby, Knows that it is not always easy to manage Video formats and codecs. Also, long conversion times and a complex tool to use can make it difficult to properly manage and edit your clips.

It’s not hard to find video converters online. They are programs dedicated to converting video clips from one format to another, in order to allow them to be played on any device and edited with any application.

There are several common scenarios:

  • One is when you’re importing a video from your camera, action cam, or smartphone, and it might be in a format or use a codec that your video editing software can’t handle.
  • Another scenario occurs when you want to download a video from the web, perhaps from one of the many video sharing sites (like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and the like), or from a social channel (videos from Facebook, Instagram, or more recently TikTok) to include it in your own project or perhaps to play it. on other devices or share it.

Converting a video from one format and transcoding to another isn’t always quick, easy, or trivial.. Therefore, choosing a quality video converter can make the difference in getting the result quickly and without setbacks.

That’s why we tested VideoProc Converter for youan interesting conversion solution reviewed by us in this article, reliable and easy to use, allows everyone to achieve the desired result with just a few clicks.

Key Features of Video Converter

It is, from our experience, a video converter Quality, made in such a way as to allow even the least practical to get the desired result. VideoProc Converter is available for Windows and Macat a cost not particularly high, offering good value for money, also considering the good number of tools on offer.

With just a few clicks, the program allows you to:

  • Change movie format and codecto share it more easily on the network, on social networks or just to play it on other devices without difficulty;
  • Compress videos quickly and without losing quality for easy sharing via social networks, messaging apps or email;
  • Download movies in just a few clicks from many video sharing sites and social websites (there is also decent support for playlists);
  • Insert translation in videos and Possibility Add a watermark;
  • Edit your clips by adding many effects (for example, fixing them, or eliminating fisheye deformation);
  • Trim or merge video clips;
  • Record your screen without losing quality;
  • Record your webcam effortlesslyor your screen with a webcam;
  • Back up your DVDs burn your movies to disc;
  • Convert your videos to enjoy them also through VR viewers;
  • Quickly transfer clips from mobile devices connected via a USB cable.

And much more, in fact, using the program you always discover some new functionality. You can find more information about all functions of VideoProc on this page.

Videoproc hardware acceleration 2

Everything is done very quickly and with great performance thanks to the acceleration Level III deviceswhich uses your GPU to greatly speed up operations.

Without purchasing the license, the free version allows you to transform or apply effects only in the first 5 minutes of the video. The free version is only useful for getting an idea of ​​the product’s capabilities.

VideoProc Converter license prices are very competitive and interesting, especially considering the huge amount of tools the app offers. In this link, you can find our updated price list and relative costs.

How to install VideoProc Converter

Getting started with installing this amazing tool is very simple, just go to VideoProc Converter page. If you are using Windows or MacOS, clickTry it for free (The appropriate executable file for the system will be downloaded).

Installing on Windows is really simple, where you just need to double click on the executable (exe) file and follow the quick and clear guided procedure. Even on macOS, the procedure is pretty much the same, just double-click the downloaded executable file and follow the automatic installation procedure.

video snapshot

Once installed, you are ready to go VideoProc Converter By clicking on the program icon. Once you launch the application, you will notice that the interface is completely translated into our language and is very pleasant, basic and linear (since each tool is easy to find at a glance).

How to convert video

Once VideoProc is installed, to convert a movie, click on the video icon, which is present in the main interface (see screenshot above).

Then load the video or folder containing the videos you want to convert, select from the Options what parameters you want to get from the conversion, finally click Play.

Videoproc video converter

By clicking on Options, you can change various video and audio settings regarding the format and its properties (FPS, resolution, bitrate, check estimated size and more before converting).

Edit Videoproc Format

While in the video editing section, you can crop, insert effects, subtitles, and much more.Videoproc video editing

There are many video formats and codecs supported, including but not limited to MP4 and MOV among formats and HEVC/H264 among codecs.

to use VideoProc Download videos and playlists

Using the app to download videos from the various video sharing services available on the net is really simple. As we said, the converter supports practically all services that offer videos, including all social networks.

The engine of this part of the app is updated frequently to maintain high compatibility with most video portals and social media on the web. This will allow you to download videos of interest or entire playlists with just one click.

Videoproc download videos

In either case you can:

  • Open the page with the video using your browser, find the address of the page, highlight it with the mouse and right-click on it, then click on the item “copyor use the key combinationcontrol“+”cjust as shown in the image below;
  • At this point, start applying to the element “downloadsThen at the top, tapAdd videos“;
  • In the dialog box, paste the address of the video or playlist you are interested in and press the blue button analyze“;
  • Then you can choose the format and quality and press “Download selected videos“.

to use VideoProc to record the screen

video recording screen 2

VideoProc allows you to easily record screen and audio (Also via hardware acceleration). For this reason, the program is a good solution for recording without difficulty: games or lessons, video lessons, live broadcasts and conferences. In fact, the program records audio and video in the most optimal way, without affecting performance too obviously.

Using the function is really simple: once the application has started, just press the item “screen recorder“then in”MonitorSo your screen will appear and you can also choose the part to shoot at the bottom. Also in this section you can set the sound source. After everything is set, just tap on the red icon at the bottom right of the screen.elaborationto start recording.

The free version only allows you to record 5 minutes of clips, and the licensed version has no limits. Buying a VideoProc license is simple, just go to the VideoProc website. Moreover, in this period of the year it is also more appropriate thanks to the offers dedicated to the festive period.


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