Venmo integrates a donation option and redesigns the screen

The Venmo application, owned by PayPal, announced today that it has integrated two changes into its peer-to-peer payment application. For example, users can now make direct donations to charities.

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In addition, they will benefit from an overhaul of the “Send Money” feature on the app’s home screen. If this last change seems negligible at first glance, it should be noted that it makes it easier for users to see the amounts sent, as well as the beneficiaries of the funds transferred.

The new donation feature promotes socialization between members of the application

According to the Venmo company, users can browse verified charities within their local community or browse by categories. Indeed, to get the support of the largest number of users around this functionality, Venmo, which also has Apple’s Tap to Pay feature, has integrated a diverse list of organizations. It ranges from animal organizations to disaster relief and educational institutions.

The arrival of such a feature should promote socialization between platform users. They can choose to donate to the charity of their choice using their Venmo balance, debit or credit card, or linked bank account, or to their friends. To donate, simply click on the search bar and select the “Donate” option. Venmo has stated that a fee is charged for each transaction. For now, these are set at 1.9% + $0.10 for charity profiles on Venmo.

It should be noted that the arrival of charitable donations on the peer-to-peer payment application comes as no surprise. PayPal, the parent company of Venmo, has been offering a similar feature for charitable donations since 2016. This brought users into contact with tens of thousands of charities. This portability of functionality on Venmo should then broaden the field of opportunity and, in particular, allow the PayPal community to exploit Venmo’s user base, which currently numbers some 90 million customers.

User interface redesign will improve the shipping experience

The other change to Venmo is the UI overhaul. Venmo users in particular will enjoy a new “send money” experience, with added profile pictures and a larger font size for the amount to send. Additionally, Venmo said that to add more recipients to the same transaction, users would simply tap the plus “+” button next to the first recipient’s profile picture.

The application then ensures that the total amount sent is displayed, as well as the detailed amount of the transaction per recipient. This redesign clearly gives customers an easier way to quickly send money to a group of people. While the new charity experience is available today, it will take at least two weeks for the overhauled “send money” option to roll out to all users.

Source: TechCrunch

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