Valorant: Our interview with The Mixers, the 2022 Italian Champions

sShuffle the cards on the table to the end: here is our interview with the Mixers, the current Italian Champions of Valorant

The play on words was unavoidable when talking about those who make their passion for gaming a work and who play without joking: the tough start to play, the Italian final of the Red Bull Campus Clutch showed just how mixersthe heroes of our latest work an interviewworthy of a crown Valor. Competition, and the world of esports in general, is in transition on our Earth. And maybe that’s what makes this feat even more special, and it’s what made the team beat them Movement 4, the true revelation of heroism. We’ll see how it goes in Brazil next month.

It’s not the same old story

We broke the ice by ordering mixers to appear And to do the same with the object of their competition: the frontrunner for our Interview with Champions Valor Did not disappoint.

allteK:thank you for your time. Since tuttoteK is accelerating so much in the esports sector, how would you introduce yourself to our audience?

Kneaders:In general, the mentality we see tends to conceive of “computer gaming” as something that has nothing to do with sports. The passion can be seen by visiting LAN events like these. There is a lot of training behind it, and a lot of studying. We each individually work on our aiming, movements and mechanics. Not only that, but we keep an eye on other players and their strategies. But our action on stage is not seen, and perhaps that is also why we jump to certain conclusions regarding the physical exertion of a traditional sport. Not that the latter consists only of body movement, of course.

I see, I expect, I see – Interview with The Mixers, Valorant’s 2022 Italian champions

A great player feels it when he’s on the brink of victory, and if there’s one thing the Mixers have been able to do, it’s hold on Cold blood Immo 4’s ingenuity notwithstanding. Here’s what they told us about it.

allteK:We’ve seen you play, and naturally we’ll ask you a question. At what moment do you tend to guess the outcome of the match and when and if you can predict it?

Kneaders:On the first map after flushing (Progress, editor) At the start I had a good feeling also based on trusting my team mates, with complicity in the amount of training we had done in Haven. If I had to estimate the exact timing, I think by round six I had an idea of ​​the outcome. I haven’t felt pressured since then. In the second map it went differently, but after recovering with a draw I was very confident that we would succeed.

Valorant: Our interview with The Mixers, the 2022 Italian Champions

Why exactly – Interview with The Mixers, 2022 Valorant Italian Champion

Why choose Valorant? We asked this question doubting the background analysis and game design, but the answer amazed us in its innocent simplicity.

allteK:Valorant is known for its pedigree development team, which has brought together many industry veterans. But what aspect of the game made you excel in this meta game?

mixers [dando la parola a Z3ro]:The reason may vary from player to player, but our background considers us to be Counter-Strike veterans. The mechanics are very similar, but the Italian game scene never developed properly, while Valorant represents a new opportunity. And metagame growth has led us to operate threefold. Seeing real results helped. Well-rewarded effort is a self-sustaining cycle.

Valorant: Our interview with The Mixers, the 2022 Italian Champions

“We’re here in the future, right now / And I don’t know if I’ll believe it”

Realizing we were running out of time for mixers, we skipped our goodbye formulas and asked them what expectations they had in future. Members Valor And the competitive supplement scene can sleep peacefully: the champions are here to stay.

allteK:What are your future prospects? Are you going to broaden your horizons with more competitive scenes, or do you intend to excel in Valorant?

Kneaders:There is no absolute certainty about the future, but we certainly cannot deny the huge difference between competition in the aforementioned context and the competitive spirit of Valorant. We still have to work on it and grow competitively. We will try to distinguish ourselves as best we can in Brazil, without a doubt. We’ll see about the future.

We thank mixers for their availability; Now it’s up to you to tell us about you. Did you expect a different ending? Let us know belowAnd as always, don’t forget to stay on tuttoteK for top player news and more. For purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Games.

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