Vactidy Blitz V8 Review: It’s One of the Cheapest Vacuum Cleaners!

Vactidy Blitz v8 cheap vacuum cleaner review

In the past few weeks, I’ve tried quite a few household cleaning products, and to be honest, I had a hard time going back to the broom and dustpan once the testing period for these smart devices was over: Luckily, we get loads of products every week. So my relationship with “manual” techniques is slowly failing me.

A few weeks ago I received a brand new vacuum cleaner, Vactidy: from what I understand it’s a Proscenic sub-brand, even if there are no official references. The model I’ve tried in recent weeks is Vactidy Blitz V8 Which, among the characteristics, is presented as one of the cheapest products, in relation to its technical specifications.

Vactidy Blitz V8 review

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Box contents

in retail package From Vactidy Blitz V8 we find:

  • Vactidy Blitz V8
  • wall power supply
  • battery
  • Wall bracket for mounting the vacuum cleaner
  • Accessories: precision nozzle, sofa and fabric brush, extension tube, floor brush

Design and materials

If they haven’t hinted to me behind the scenes that it’s a sub-brand of proscenicyou may have noticed it pretty close to the design lines anyway: this Vactidy Blitz V8, In fact, it is very similar to some cyclonic vacuum cleaners from the other Chinese company, one of which is the Proscenic I10 that I have personally tried in recent months.

Vactidy Blitz v8 cheap vacuum cleaner review

Delete an appearance similarities, Vactidy Blitz V8 is made entirely of polycarbonate and the reference colors are black and green, among other things the color that represents the brand (including the packaging). The weight is rather low, less than 3 kg, and it is very comfortable to use in any scenario, even with one hand.

We are facing the frame with Pistol gripThere is always the classic and very practical trigger for turning the vacuum cleaner on and off and the grip is excellent, with any type of hand. The use always follows the usual logic: if we press the button the first time we turn on the vacuum cleaner, with the second press we increase the suction power while with the third we turn off the device.

Vactidy Blitz v8 cheap vacuum cleaner review

on this form extremely cheap We don’t have other function keys or LED displays with different indicators: the only light that lights up on this vacuum cleaner is built into the battery (which in turn is removable and charges on the wall) which lights up green or red when the battery is low or nearly empty.

there Eligibility dirt container equal to 1.2 litersThis definitely puts the product in a higher range in order to compete with more expensive products; Moreover, the positive side lies in the presence of the filter 4 stages HEPA Fully washable and capable of capturing up to 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Of the things that I appreciate the most, I can certainly tell you the presence of illuminated LEDs on the floor cleaning attachment: well, it will certainly not be an exclusive novelty, but seeing it on a budget product always makes me happy.

Suction power and cleaning quality

Before we speak, however, the actual cleaning tests I’ve run with Vactidy Blitz V8As usual, I give you technical data: we are dealing with a vacuum cleaner 130W brushless motor able to generate suction force up to 20,000 access points, when used in MAX mode. If we compare the numbers to other producers, I can safely tell you that they are slightly above the average values, especially in the €100 range where there are very few players who play them.

Vactidy Blitz v8 cheap vacuum cleaner review

Leaving aside the pseudo-controversial part, the better performance of this Vactidy Blitz V8 I have undoubtedly noticed it with the “shorter” attachments such as the cloth brush and the precision nozzle, where the suction power is good and with fine dust such as crumbs, hair or dust between the seats of my car, I have not had difficulties of any kind, including in the background under the rugs, It is usually more complex to deep clean.

Vactidy Blitz v8 cheap vacuum cleaner review

Then I went through my tests and used Extendable extension and rotating brush For the floor: Also in this case, the Vactidy vacuum cleaner performed well, managing to suck up almost everything on the first pass. Specifically, in my tests I used ground coffee, breadcrumbs, and oregano, all fairly dusty: In all scenarios, I was able to clean well on the first pass, but I always made a second pass for decidedly more thorough results.

Broom tilt level plus 180 degree rotation allowing for more ergonomic movements when we get under a bed or near a table or similar points. Obviously, the suction power, in general, can’t be compared to more expensive products, but as a “classic vacuum cleaner” we’d say it does its job well and is a decent replacement for many older products with a bag that can be changed every 3″ by 2″.


there the battery Equipped with the Vactidy Blitz V8 is 2200 mAh unit And, as expected, it’s detachable and removable, giving you the possibility to use a secondary battery for cleaning that takes a bit more time. Let’s say that in principle this could be a professional, but first you need to be able to find a secondary battery, which is not currently available on Amazon and on the manufacturer’s website.

Leaving aside these details, the autonomy of the vacuum cleaner is around 30 minutes, just above average, above all because other manufacturers with the same battery have managed to achieve an autonomy of 50% less. Moreover, recharging the battery is very fast and takes about two and a half hours.

Price and considerations

Vactidy Blitz V8 Cost on Amazon About 130 euros But thanks to the various coupons that can often be found on the manufacturer’s page, it is very easy to buy from Just over 100 euros, including fast shipping from Amazon. Overall, this is a product that I found balanced for its price and in line with my expectations: it’s clearly not the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever tried, but in this price range there are no great competitors who can do a better job than it.

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Among the positives is undoubtedly the extreme lightness and good battery life, while among the negatives I would include a suction power that is not very high (and no, I’m not talking about “data of the plate”), but it is not a real downside if we consider that its functionality, however, is not do it.

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