Up to 30% off headphones on Oneodio’s Black Friday on Amazon

Although some manufacturers have already launched their Black Friday deals, there are still many products that will only be sold on November 25, which is actually the shopping day. Among the offers that will only be activated on Friday, there are also some OneHate, a brand specializing in professional-quality headphones, which is breaking the ball today with a promotional model but will discount other products, with savings of up to 30%, only on November 25th. So let’s get acquainted in detail with the headphones for sale and the relevant technical information.

OneOdio A70

Let’s start with studio headphones OneOdio A70Equipped with wireless and wired connections, to cater to purists who prefer an always-on cable connection. The headphones are equipped with 40mm drivers, and the casing used to contain them allows you to enjoy even the deepest bass, with excellent sound quality.

The OneOdio A70s comes with two cables for connecting to an audio source: one 3.5mm and the other 6.35mm, so it’s ideal for those with high-quality stereos. The microphone integrates digital noise reduction technology, in order to ensure better quality in calls as well as in recordings.

The internal battery, which recharges in about two hours, allows you to reach 72 hours of continuous playback, which is a really impressive figure. Wireless connectivity is ensured by the Bluetooth 5.2 chipset, which allows you to connect it to stereos, computers, tablets, smartphones, as well as smart TVs. The foldable design allows you to store it effortlessly even in backpacks and take-anywhere bags. You can choose from five different color combinations, and find the one that best suits your style.

The OneOdio A70 headphones are available on Amazon for €35.62, which price will remain valid from 8:40 to 20:40 on November 25.

OneOdio A71

until the OneOdio A71 They are studio headphones, with 40mm moving coil drivers to improve HiFi sound quality without any distortion, while being able to reproduce low frequencies flawlessly. The microphone allows you to make and receive calls, thanks to the control on the connection cable.

Unlike the previous model. The OneOdio A71 is equipped with a wired connection only, also in this case with a 3.5mm connector, certainly more common at home, but also with a 6.35mm cable for quality products. They’re ideal headphones for DJs, with each earcup able to rotate 90 degrees and adjust the top headband. It is available in three different colors, in addition to the fourth, with an external microphone.

You can buy the OneOdio A71 headphones from Amazon for €28.89, which price is only valid from 7:40 to 19:40 today, November 23.

OneOdio Pro 10

headphones OneOdio Studio Pro 10, is available in seven different colors, and is equipped with 50mm neodymium drivers that allow you to reproduce all the dynamics of the music, paying particular attention to the bass. They are versatile, and therefore ideal for any type of application that requires high-quality sound, from monitoring in recording studios to film production and projection, from a DJ mixer to a high-quality turntable.

OneOdio has taken care of every detail to ensure maximum comfort, which is essential for completing long work sessions. The earcups can be rotated left and right for the mono ear, and fold away to be stored in the carrying case making it easy to carry in a backpack or purse.

The sales package includes a 3.5mm cable with microphone and a 6.35 to 3.5mm spiral cable extendable from 2 to 3 meters. OneOdio Pro 10 will be on sale on Amazon for €24.02, only from 6:15 to 18:15 on November 25th.

OneOdio Pro 30

We close with headphones OneOdio Studio Pro 30proposed in three different colors, supplied with a single 3-meter cable with a 3.5 mm connector and a 6.35 mm connector on both sides, to connect without problems to any type of music source.

The neodymium drivers are 50mm in diameter to reproduce all the dynamics of the music, with an emphasis on the low frequencies. It is ideal for audio professionals, DJs, mixers and movie production monitors in recording studios, but also for simple users looking for professional quality products.

Both earpieces can be rotated left or right and folded back for easy storage in the carrying case.

You can buy OneOdio Pro 30 headphones from Amazon for 33.99, valid only from 6:16 to 18:15 on November 25

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