Unieuro launches maxi discounts on 77-inch Sony OLED TVs

It’s not just the Unieuro offer of double the gaming monitor.In fact, the well-known chain has also launched a double promotion initiative Sony’s organic EL TV with a large diagonal linewhich represents a model that hit the market in 2022 (thus, as a whole, recently released).

More precisely, the Sony XR-77A80K TV is currently offered for €2,899 through Unieuro’s official website. For your information, the previous price was 4,199 euros, according to what you can read on the portal of the popular chain. So already basic, 30% savings possibleAfter all, this is a discount of 1,300 euros.

As such, it is a potentially interesting opportunity, but by adding products to the cart, Extra 5% offSimply put, the final price drops to €2,784.05, a potential savings of €1,414.95 starting from the initial €4,199 mentioned earlier.

For the rest, Sony XR-77A80K datasheet It includes a 77-inch OLED panel with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). Just like Google TV, which allows access to a host of smart features, there’s no shortage of four HDMI ports.

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